Random Annoyances: Buses & Bus Lanes

If you’ve ever been stuck in a city traffic jam, chances are the cause of it will most likely be a bus. These lumbering, dull witted, cramped vehicles running on the devil’s brew are responsible for most jams I’ve seen in central London.

Inevitably, you tend to find several of them lined up like some refugee column at a soup kitchen where they stretch for hundreds of yards clogging up the roads and forcing motorists to either wait behind or edge past. The worst culprits go even further and block busy junctions and exit routes safe in the knowledge that they’ll never be fined.

And let’s not forget the manner in which buses push into queues of traffic seemingly thinking they own the roads. Not that there’s much of the roads to own these days since councils starting wasting huge amounts of taxpayers money on useless bus lanes.

Just what useful purpose do these useless bus lanes serve? They don’t speed up bus journeys because buses have to stop every few hundred yards meaning anything behind has to wait for it to move off. Meanwhile, other vehicles are slowed to a crawl being forced to share a single lane whilst traffic lights are prioritised in favour of buses penalising other motorists with a 5 second window to inch forward a few yards.

Why should buses be given priority to arrive on time at the expense of everyone else? Seriously, who can honestly say they have ever seen a bus adhere to a published timetable? This madness and obsession with buses must stop and successive mayors seem to be obsessed with the damn things.

Note to Boris and Ken, quit banging on about investment in buses and use the money to improve the Tube.

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