Mini Movie Review: Daybreakers (2009)

Wednesday 30 November 2011 @ 11:08 pm

Set in 2019 where a plague has turned 90% of the world’s population into vampires with the remaining 10% hunted and farmed for their blood, vampire haematologist Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) is working to create a blood substitute when, returning home one night, he encounters a group of human survivors led by a former vampire (Willem Dafoe) who claims to have found a cure to save the human race.

Sympathetic to their cause, Dalton agrees to help the survivors and joins the remaining group as the vampire army closes in.

Part sci-fi, part (supposedly) horror, this is a fine movie with an interesting angle on the whole vampire spiel offering a view of how the world might be run if populated almost exclusively by vampires. There’s nothing remotely scary here although there’s a fair bit of gore and the creatures that the vampires change into are pretty nasty and vicious. It’s also very well shot with a futuristic, almost Matrix like cold filter applied to the lens with none of the silly blundering about in darkness that too often blights similar films of this genre.

Score: 4/5


Mini Movie Review: Paranormal Activity (2007)

Wednesday 23 November 2011 @ 12:33 am

Shot in the style of found footage, young couple Micah and Katie move into a new house and set up a video camera in their bedroom to capture whilst they sleep, the supernatural presence that has been haunting Katie since childhood.

An old movie that I’ve only just got round to seeing, this has been compared to The Blair Witch Project which is unfair as Paranormal Activity is far superior even though it was also made on a budget with the actors using a similar type of improv for each scene. Whilst not terrifying, this really is a disturbing and creepy movie that plays very well on the fears of vulnerability when asleep. The main focal point of the scares is the open door in the bedroom through which the supernatural presence makes itself known although sound is also very effectively used.

There are two alternate endings available which are both worth seeing and should you watch Paranormal Activity at night, don’t be surprised if you feel the need to close the bedroom door and draw up the duvet covers before you sleep.

Score: 4/5

Enable channels 12 and 13 for the Intel Pro 2200BG wireless network card

Wednesday 16 November 2011 @ 11:02 am

For anyone who bought one of these wifi cards and was annoyed by the ommission of channels 12 and 13, there is a solution to patch the card and unlock the extra channels. The reason some Intel Pro 2200BG cards do not have the extra channels is because they are set as US cards that only allows access to wifi channels 1-11 whereas in Europe, the rull range of wifi channels 1-13 are available.

Patching the card involves changing the country code from US to EU via a Linux CD distribution and is a simple process once you have the OS. Here are the steps which I’ve put together from various other sources on the Web:

1. Download the Knoppix 4.0.2 iso Linux distribution. I found this at but you may have to hunt around for it. Note that later versions of Knoppix won’t work as they don’t allow the EPROM to be properly dumped or changed. The instructions below are for Knoppix 4.0.2 only.

2. Burn the ISO to a CD with whatever you usually use for burning CD’s.

3. Reboot the system with your new Knoppix CD. For this, you need to ensure the CD (and USB if it’s a USB CD drive) is enabled as the first boot device.

4. Press enter when prompted to load Knoppix.

5. Once Knoppix has started, you need to ensure you have an Internet connection by enabling the wired network adaptor. Do this by clicking on the bottom left K cog icon and then choosing KNOPPIXNetwork/InternetNetwork card configuration to open the network configuration box.

6. Make sure your network card is connected to your router, select your network card in the list then click OK. Ensure you have a network connection by browsing to any website. If not, repeat step 5 above and choose another network adaptor.

7. Once connected, run root shell by clicking on the penguin icon in the taskbar and then choosing the root shell menu option.

8. At the command prompt, run these commands exactly as shown including the case and press enter after each one:

#mkdir /usr/tmp
#cd /usr/tmp
#tar xvfz ipw2200-1.0.3.tgz
#cd ipw2200-1.0.3
#sh unload
#sh load

This will load the patched drivers for the Intel Pro 2200BG and that allows you to permanently change the EPROM.

9. Locate the name of your wireless card by entering #iwconfig at the command prompt. Your wireless card will be easily identifiable as it’ll say IEEE 802.11g whilst the rest of your network adaptors will say no wireless extensions. The name of your wireless card should be something like eth0, eth1 or eth2 (mine was eth0).

10. Now we’re ready to patch the EPROM with the correct country code. At the command prompt, run these commands exactly as shown including the case and press enter after each one. The X needs to be replaced with whatever number your wireless card is as per step 9 above and don’t forget that all commands are case sensitive:

#ethtool -E ethX magic 0x2200 offset 0x4c value 0x5a
#ethtool -E ethX magic 0x2200 offset 0x4d value 0x5a
#ethtool -E ethX magic 0x2200 offset 0x4e value 0x52

11. We can now check the card has been patched correctly by typing #ethtool -e ethX replacing X with the number for your wireless card. Look at the fifth line of the resulting output, it should show something like this:

0x0040 26 38 00 0e 35 xx xx xx 00 46 00 01 5a 5a 52 00

Look at addresses 0x4c and make sure the value is 5a; look at 0x4d and make sure the value has been correctly changed to 5a; look at 0x4e and make sure the value is now 52. In the line from the EPROM dump above, the bold red values should match your card if you did everything right.

12. All done! Exit Knoppix and reboot your PC into Windows XP. You may have to reinstall the Intel Pro 2200BG drivers (I didn’t) for channels 12 and 13 to show up, if so, you can grab the latest drivers from the Intel website at

Random Annoyances: Patterned Hosiery

Friday 11 November 2011 @ 4:48 pm

Winter is upon us which means ladies everywhere have resorted to covering up their legs. That’s fine, we don’t want to see your goose pimpled limbs and know it’s chilly plus the right pair of tights can look very fetching if you have the pins and the right skirt and heels.

What doesn’t look in the slightest bit attractive though, regardless of the temperature, are those God awful patterned tights and stockings that hot woman everywhere suddenly seem to be wearing. Why on earth you’d want your legs to look like they’ve spent 10 minutes in a waffle maker is beyond me and that goes for those horrid seamed stockings too that were mildly sexy back in 1962 but would make you look cheap in 1995 let alone 2011.

And another thing too, what’s with the stupidly garish colours? If it’s not enough to wear a pair of silly patterned tights that look like some kid used them for a Blue Peter project, you then think it’s a good idea to buy them in purple or olive colours? Seriously, are you for real or just not getting any?

Women of London and New York, frankly, if you cannot buy decent feminine un-patterned hosiery, I don’t care how good your pins are, just stick to wearing trouser suits.

Fascist EU deposes democratically elected leader

Thursday 10 November 2011 @ 4:30 pm

The bullying fascist EU cabal has deposed the democratically elected Greek Prime Minsiter George Papandreou after he confirmed plans to hold a referendum on EU membership that would have given Greek citizens a vote on whether or not to accept the latest rescue package, a deal that consigns Greece to years of hardship and severe cuts in public services as well as grinding unemployment.

Ignore the point that the lazy bastard bone idle Greeks brought this upon themselves by living outside their means and fully deserve everything they get, the fact is that no country should be dictated to by the bullyboy threats of the EU. The moment Brussels heard a Greek referendum was to be held, the jackbooted EU fascist fuckers swung into action and forced the Greek PM to resign in favour of grovelling toady and ex European Central Bank VP Lucas Papademos who promptly quashed any talks of a Greek referendum and hailed Fraulein Merkel as Mein Fuhrer. After all, the EU dictators sitting in their ivory towers can’t have the Euro breaking up and allow ordinary citizens to be given a voice in how their countries are run at any cost. And if that means rounding up the voters and sending them to the gas chambers then so be it.

The truth is that the only way Greece can save itself now is by exiting the shitty Euro and reverting back to a massively devalued Drachma. It will work but it will be painful. Either that or Greece should be prepared to sell off its islands to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, expect more elected leaders to be deposed and replaced by EU stooges and officials determined to prevent anyone from leaving the faltering parasitic disease ridden Euro.

Hague vague over Iranian nuclear bomb

Wednesday 9 November 2011 @ 4:45 pm

Useless Europhile Foreign Secretary William Hague has told the House of Conmen that according to a UN report, Iran is indeed building a nuclear bomb. Hague the Vague went on to drone that the terrorist state of Israel is getting ready to attack and that British military involvement cannot be ruled out although I guess he forgot that we’d be lucky to spare a dozen men armed with kitchen cutlery after our armed forces have been decimated thanks to Cameron and his obsession with giving away billions in foreign aid and to the EU.

What is not so widely known is that Billy Boy is a staunch supporter of The Friends Of Israel, a ragtag motley crew of sympathisers and Jewish lobbyists with a brief to take over the media and distort facts thus shutting down any serious debate over how the terrorist state of Israel continually defies international law. Hence, anything Hague spouts is to be disregarded as fully as his supposedly anti-Euro views that amounted to refusing to vote for an EU referendum.

Apart from the fact that Iran has repeatedly stated that its nuclear facilities are for peaceful purposes to generate electricity and that Mossad, the rent-a-thug Israeli Secret Service, has previously sabotaged Iranian computer systems and threatened to kill a democratically elected President, haven’t we been here before when lying shyster’s Bush and Blair illegally invaded Iraq? Strange how you never hear of anyone complaining about Zimbabwe or how to get rid of lunatic dictator Mugabe but then again, there’s no oil there for the US to rob.

The so called report was compiled by some outfit called the UN International Atomic Energy Agency and appears to have been written by an idiot with a laptop and Internet connection who Googled whatever tenuous evidence of Iranian nuclear activity there was on the Web and then stitched it together in the manner of a third-rate sixth former plagiarising someone else’s work.

A sexed-up dodgy dossier with bogus facts and trumped up charges? Now that sounds familiar.

Terrorist State of Israel prepares strike against Iran

Wednesday 9 November 2011 @ 4:11 pm

The arrogant terrorist state of Israel has long regarded itself as above the law with a long and illustrious history of defying all UN resolutions ordering it to roll back its invading frontiers and cease building illegal settlements on Palestine land.

No surprise then to hear that shithead Prime Minister Benjamin Netan-fuck-you has been desperately pleading other leaders to support his half-baked plan to bomb Iran to hell and back in a pre-emptive strike before the Iranian nuclear facilities are capable of producing weapons.

Of course, with the terrorist state of Israel being the only regional power with nuclear missiles, Netan-fuck-you thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to prevent others from being able to defend themselves against a Jewish attack whilst the Zionists themselves are armed to the teeth with US taxpayer funded military weapons.

Given the disdain and sheer contempt that the terrorist state of Israel regards international law, it’s no surprise either that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was overhead telling Obama "Netanyahu, I can’t stand him. He’s a liar" to which Obama replied "You’re sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day".

And there you have the truth folks. Good on both Sarko and Obama for telling it how it is, quite frankly everyone has had enough of Netan-fuck-you, the Jewish Lobby and the terrorist state of Israel which continues to stick two fingers up at everyone whilst shooting unarmed Palestians.