Stop bashing Megan Markle

Friday 18 October 2019 @ 8:24 pm

Sick and tired of all the hate for Megan Markle. I’m no fan of the Royals, have never watched Suits, and quite frankly, would be pleased as Punch if the whole monarchy collapsed along with all the useless toffs who can’t wait to bow and scrape in front of a bunch of Germans.

However, whatever you think of Markle, it was Harry’s choice. He’s a big boy who can make his own decisions and as long as we’re not having to pay for the whole sideshow, or it’s causing offence to anyone, let them be. It’s nobody’s business and I reckon the constant barrage of criticism is simply because Haters think Megs is in it for the money / fame / fortune / prestige all of the above.

So what if she is? I couldn’t care less if Megan is using the Royal moniker for her benefit; if Harry’s fine with it and none of the other useless Royals mind she’s not doing any harm.

I’m far more aggravated by the traitorous cretins in Parliament who are doing everything to subvert the democratic will of 17+ million people that voted to leave the EU cesspit.

British passports made in France? Sacré bleu!

Friday 23 March 2018 @ 11:37 pm

It’s becoming increasingly clear that despite the majority vote to leave the despised, hated and corrupt EU, Mother Theresa has absolutely no intention of getting the best deal for the UK. Not only is she failing to protect UK interests but she’s also fast turning Britain into an international laughing stock, as if we needed any more reasons after 10 years of Labour’s open door no-questions-asked immigration policy and obsession with PC claptrap.

Take the recent decision about UK passports. Post Brexit, we’ll be ditching the crappy flaccid burgundy EU passports and going back to the hard-backed blue passports of old, the type that were stiffer than a starched stick of rock and could be used to bat away any insolent official who dared question you at immigration.

UK passports have always been made onshore by British company De La Rue which is what you’d expect. So why then has the Government inexplicably awarded the contract for the new passports to French company Gemalto? Reasons given are that under highly dubious EU rules, the contract has to be awarded to the most competitive bidder and that by doing so, value for the taxpayer is being realised.

Except that this is total bullshit. Neither France nor Germany allow their passports to be made by a foreign company. I mean who would? For such a sensitive and secure document, why would you want to outsource it to the cheapest bidder that’s not even domiciled in the country? This is just one example of many where the UK slavishly follows each and every EU law to the letter whilst other countries stick two fingers up and freely ignore the same rules without any penalty. EU fishing quotas anyone?

The blame lies squarely with Mother Theresa and the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, who has been over-promoted way beyond her very limited intellectual capabilities which can just about handle running a bath without spilling the water. Incompetent inept Amber Ruddy useless is another closet Remainer who has been brought into the cabinet to ruin the Brexit deal and she’s wasted no time in ensuring our borders remain open for a further two years whilst also offering lavish benefits to all and sundry + dog during that period.

Back to passports then, the clear choice is between an efficient, secure, UK workforce that has proven expertise and is trusted to not only produce passports but also banknotes for many other countries, or a crap French company that’s mired in inefficiency, le strikes and will stitch us over at the first opportune moment as well as being at the mercy of a myriad of European fraudsters.

The whole thing is a complete and utter fuck up designed to soften the stance of those who want a hard Brexit. And we have good reason for wanting a hard Brexit too because any EU deal always ends up with the UK getting screwed over due to the Government’s pandering to the shitburgers in Brussels.

Deluded idiots vote in French Poodle

Monday 8 May 2017 @ 3:18 pm

The election results are in and Macron is the new French Poodle French President. This clueless Euro loving fool was previously appointed Economic Minister by Hollande back in 2014. French unemployment figures have remained largely above 10% since Macron was appointed which just goes to show that his so called “business friendly” policies are about as useful as a garlic flavoured mouthwash. Still, that’s par for the course when you have a Socialist government so the French can’t complain, they voted him in and are too busy shrugging and holding strikes.

More disturbing is the fact that Macron used to work for Rothschild so you now have a major Head of State with a CV that includes several years working in a sinister firm notorious with pushing a ruthless blood sucking globalist agenda for the New World Order. No surprise that Macron loves the EU, he is the perfect stooge to carry out the globalist orders and no doubt part of the formal ceremony will involve him nipping down to Berlin to get a pat on the head from Ma Merkel.

Mamma May confirms Brexit

Tuesday 17 January 2017 @ 11:22 pm

PM Theresa May has finally unveiled her 12 point Brexit plan in a major speech earlier today. About bloody time too.

On paper it all looks good; Brexit means Brexit; no stupid half-in half-out deal; controlling immigration; fuck the EU courts and their rulings; and a threat that the EU will be crushed if they try to screw us over on trade deals.

Here’s what I don’t get; why the fuck does all this need to be approved by Parliament and the Lords? Most of these bastards are diehard re-moaners who are desperately trying to stop Brexit. No surprise then that dickhead LibDumb leader (of 9 MP’s natch which is 9 too many) Tim Farron popped up like a boil to declare a “theft of democracy” by the 17+ million and 52% who voted in favour of Brexit. Yeah, ok Timster, why don’t you feck off back to whatever hippy commune voted you in and have another plate of mung beans.

Meanwhile, faggoty Europhile Peter Mandelslime was doing the rounds on TV bleating some nonsense about how there is no “clicky finger solution” and why Britain’s future lies with open borders, free movement (presumably so he has a ready supply of cheap rent boys) and ever more money shovelled into the EU cesspit. This is the same Mandelslime who resigned twice in disgrace from Government and then promptly buggered off (literally) to Brussels to become an EU Commissioner. You can always rely on the EU to give a prominent gold plated meal ticket + index linked inflation proof pension to failed politicians and has-beens which is why so many are in favour of it.

Following May’s speech, the pound has already shot up against the major currencies so the markets look optimistic. Ma May has said Brexit will be triggered before March-end this year and frankly, the sooner the better, although with her pathetic track record and Remainer sympathies, I won’t be surprised if we remain tethered for the next three years.

Why is the UK so fucking stupid?

Tuesday 18 October 2016 @ 9:18 am

The first gang of Calais based so-called “child” asylum seekers have been granted safe passage to the UK with a first class ticket to the benefits office. Looking at the pictures of these graspers, what strikes me, and pretty much everyone else except the cretins in the Home Office, is how old these “children” are. Most of them could pass for at least 21 and are clearly grown men so why are they being granted priority aslyum to the UK because they’re under 18 years of age?

The second thing that’s immediately obvious is that all the men children are Asian lads. Not a single girl amongst them. Genuine asylum seekers from Syria? Shyeah, right. More like a bunch of scamming illegal immigrants or economic migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan who are just looking for the next meal ticket.

Thirdly, they must have crossed at least four safe countries and not a single one of them looks like they’ve been fleeing war. Whatever happened to claiming asylum in the first safe country they arrive in? Naaa, fuck that, we want the exciting range of UK benefits on offer.

All of these “kids” are clothed, well-fed, wearing the latest “gear”, holding the obligatory smartphone and are not in way shape or form “refugees” or “victims”. Just one look at the grinning smirks pasted all over their Chevy Chase, complete with five o clock shadow, and it’s obvious the bogus migrants can’t believe their luck. Oh, and make sure you remember these faces because they’ll soon be staring at you from a Police photofit describing suspects wanted for rape and other sexual crimes.

Why is the UK so fucking stupid when it comes to immigration? Any other sane country would have shipped the immigrants back on whatever banana boat they scurried across to Europe from. Not the mug UK though, whilst the rest of the world laughs at our lunacy in admitting fully grown strapping men under the auspicious tag of “child” refugees, the rest of the asylum bastards are busy throwing away their passports (strange how they never lose their fucking iPhones) and cooking up a cockamamie story to persuade gullible UK officials that they haven’t yet reached puberty.

The immigration centre in Croydon is called Lunar House which is a very apt name for a lunatic asylum full of lunatics. Worst still, this is only the first wave of “children” asylum seekers, more will follow as the word gets out that all you need to do is claim you’re under 18 for a free trip to Treasure Island UK where you’ll be showered with free halal food, free clothes, free schooling, medical care, housing, benefits and pocket money.

Meanwhile, the real children left in the Calais camp, the ones who are 7 or 8 or 9 and who need the most help and are the most vulnerable, are left behind.

Vote Brexit and get Remainer

Thursday 14 July 2016 @ 7:55 pm

So we won it. Well done all those who voted for a bold, brave new, economically prosperous future without the shitty EU trying to scupper everything, and the increasingly ludicrous Remainer Stories of Doom.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the victorious Brexit campaign to be stitched up by a dubious leadership contest whereby Tory MP’s, the majority of whom are Remainers, voted in a fellow Remainer in the guise of Theresa May, the useless former Home Secretary who has been instrumental in keeping the UK borders open over the last 6 years by refusing to kick out dodgy asylum seekers and bogus immigrants. In short, asking Ma May to be in charge of Brexit is like asking Cameron to be in charge of negotiating an EU deal that favours the UK.

May is another turncoat Tory who frequently cited anti-EU sentiments only to bottle it when it came to the crunch and side with the Remain camp. She will no doubt take her merry time invoking Article 50 whilst pandering to the EU bastards and letting odious cretins like Nicola Sturgeon stall the process.

Had the leadership contest gone to the grassroot members, it might very well have been a Brexiteer in charge but Tory in-fighting and backstabbing ensured May was shoe-horned into the top job. The result? After a stunningly democratic referendum, we’re now left with an unelected PM with no public mandate who would much rather we never left the EU and continue throwing cash into the corrupt Brussels coffers.

Useless Cameron wheels out even more useless Bottler Brown

Monday 13 June 2016 @ 10:55 pm

In a sign of panic amongst the deluded Project Fear camp, lying scamster Cameron has resorted to wheeling out former PM, and certified coward, Gordon “The Bottler” Brown to convince the waverers to remain in the despised, corrupt, rotten EU.

Brown as you will remember slunk into Portugal to sign the Lisbon Treat after all the other leaders fuckers had left. He didn’t have the balls to do it in front of them knowing the treaty was a bag complete of shite.

It’s laughable then that anyone would bother listening to Bottler Brown. This is the useless half-wit who flogged the UK’s gold reserves cheaply whilst the market was at its lowest point and then watched as prices quadrupled over the next decade. The thieving bastard who wrecked the worlds finest pension scheme by scrapping tax relief on pension dividends pushing millions into retirement poverty so he could waste it on pet projects. The financially illiterate imbecile who bankrupt Britain by spending what he didn’t have and throwing money to Labour voters as bribes. The lying shyster who promised a referendum on EU membership but then bottled it. The insolent jerk who called a lifelong Labour supporter a bigot when she asked a question about immigration. And the spineless goon who barged his way unelected into the PM hot seat after Tony BLiar resigned.

Never have we had such an incompetent, inexperienced, unqualified, useless, floundering, dull-witted, inadequate, unsuitable, inept, thoroughly despised PM as Brown, although Cameron and BLiar are both strong contenders. Frankly, anyone who listens to Brown needs their head examined, the man has absolutely nothing worthwhile to say about anything.

This is not the first time previous PM’s have campaigned for Project Fear, unsurprising when you consider that every single PM over the last 25 years has been a Europhile. John Major, the traitorous adulterous feeble wimp who signed the Masstricht Treaty, has been peddling his pro Euro shit on the media for weeks now whilst BLiar, who is so universally hated throughout the UK that he dare not show his arrogant mug in public, has popped up to lecture everyone about how wonderful the fucking EU is.

On the other hand though, wheeling out all these former wasters, including clunking duffer Brown, might further persuade people to vote leave so perhaps it’s not such a bad thing after all.

Stupid Londoners vote in odious creep as London Mayor

Wednesday 11 May 2016 @ 10:36 pm

The writing was on the wall but there was always a little glimmer of hope that odious creep Sadiq Khan would not get his greasy mitts on the Mayors office. Alas, it was not to be, brain dead Londoners have voted in this idiot, a former human rights lawyer (says it all really) who will waste no time in pushing a pro-immigrant, pro-EU, anti-business, anti-police, pro-union and pro-refugee agenda.

There is only one other Odious Creep lower than Sadiq Khan; corrupt Keith Vaz is tucked up in Leicester where he has spent the better part of the last 20 years greasing his fat pompous backside around Parliament for the benefit of no one except his own ego and bank balance.

Back to Khan though. Anyone who has seen this fool trying to debate will soon realise he’s an incompetent liberal half-wit who would much rather rub shoulders with extremists, radicals and terrorist sympathisers than ordinary Londoners. He has more faces than a clock factory and a long track record of taking the Old Bill to court on the most dubious of cases. Don’t expect anything to improve under Khan’s watch but do welcome the continued armies of illegal immigrants that he will be planning to ship in by the busload. After all, he’s a former human rights lawyer (i.e. never had a proper job or done an honest days work) and would just love for London, the Greatest City In The World, to stay under the jackboot of the EU.

Lefty liberals demand bogus child refugees are ferried to the UK

Saturday 30 April 2016 @ 10:43 am

Another day, another liberal Left sob story to bring more dodgy asylum seekers to Treasure Island Britain. This time it’s the turn of child refugees based in assorted camps including the one at Calais that was supposed to have been shut down several years back.

Isn’t it strange that the Left constantly preaches about how these poor children who are all alone, allegedly through no fault of their own, MUST be allowed entry to the UK without ever explaining just how the fuck they managed to cross the whole of Europe and end up in France, a safe country with more than enough facilities to help, completely unaccompanied and with, apparently, no money? And have you noticed how all these so called “children” are often big strapping lads who could pass for 21 never mind borderline 16? And just why must they be allowed in the UK when the rules state that the first port of entry is where any asylum application should be lodged?

No surprise then that once these “kids” manage to scurry into the UK, the rest of the family is not far behind. Yes folks, these youngsters suddenly have parents and distant relatives coming out of the woodwork who waste no time in being reunited with their beloved and cherished offspring that they were previously willing to traffick thousands of miles with nothing nore than a false story about fleeing war and a promise to join them once they struck gold.

David Cameron is right to oppose automatic sanctuary to such cases but don’t expect this to last. Dave the Cave is a notorious closet liberal and it’s only a matter of time before yet another one of his cast iron pledges rusts and falls apart like a cheap suit.

Turncoat Tories gather to screw electorate over despised EU

Sunday 17 January 2016 @ 11:49 pm

Scamming David Cameron, he of the weak chin, girl’s blouse and less balls than a eunuch on HRT, has absolutely zero chance of negotiating any kind of EU “deal” that is in the best interests of the UK. However, that has not stopped a cluster of Tory ministers, all former staunch EU sceptics, lining up to eagerly bend over so they can get one from behind from their EU bosses.

Take William Hague for example. The former Tory party leader fought a whole campaign on leaving the EU but since the two-faced shyster got comfy after a long stint in the Foreign Office, he solemnly declared that it’s in Britain’s best interests to remain in the fucking EU cesspit.

Then there is Home Secretary Theresa May who has said many a time previously that the EU rides roughshod over UK laws preventing us from deporting foreign criminals because of the fucking useless Human Rights crap brought in by EU stooge and war criminal Tony BLiar. Still, that hasn’t stopped May from smarming up to her boss, suddenly declaring her love for all things EU and that she is confident Cameron will get a “good deal” for the UK to remain in the fucking EU cesspit.

Useless foreign minister, and proven expenses cheat, Philip Hammond is another former Eurosceptic who has wasted no time in lavishly praising the EU now he has a vested and rotten interest in keeping the cushy job. How this over promoted toad managed to secure one of the great offices of state is a mystery given his intellectual capacity for the job barely rises above “assistant village idiot”.

Let’s not forget Shrek lookalike Sajid Javid either. He was widely recognised as a leading member of the anti-EU movement and said that the costs of the EU outweight the benefits of staying in. In other words, we hand over too much money to Brussels and in return get fuck-all benefit. Sounds about right for anything EU related. When it came to the crunch though, Javid showed just how yellow and gutless he really is by suddenly declaring that the EU is best for business after all.

Of course, Scameron has threatened to gag his Cabinet for daring to support an “EU out” vote but that just goes to show you what a lying, cheating, pathetic bunch of self-serving scum we have in Government who will anything to ensure we continue handing over billions to the Brussels fuckers instead of doing what they were elected to do and represent the views of their voters.

Expect a wave of propaganda and a rigged vote to ensure we never get a fair and democratic choice to leave the fucking EU cesspit.