Useless hippy eco-activists protest against fracking

Monday 19 August 2013 @ 10:34 pm

With the Government giving the go-ahead for shale gas exploratory drilling, groups of idiot hippies, including waste-of-space Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, have chained and glued themselves together at various sites across the UK in protest.

Here’s what I don’t get; why are the police wasting time trying to free them? Just let the useless smelly layabouts stay glued and chained together, after a few days of no food, water and soiling themselves, they’ll soon get the message.

And another thing, just how do interfering do-gooders such as Caroline Lucas expect the UK’s energy needs to be met? If she thinks that solar power or those stupid frackin’ wind farms that conk out if there’s too much wind or too little wind will suffice, she’s even more deluded than the tree huggy hippies who want us all living like Victorian peasants.


Pathetic Britian grinds to a halt under meagre snowfall

Sunday 20 January 2013 @ 8:13 pm

As I remarked 2 years ago in this post here, it only takes a few days of meagre snowfall for Britain to grind to a halt. Year after year after year we have the same excuses trotted out and the same level of incompetence proudly on show for the whole world to make a mockery of.

Everything I commented on back in 2010 has been repeated again in the last few days; trains cancelled, flights grounded, not enough gritters, businesses closed, dire warnings to stock up as if the apolocapyse is upon and a motley collection of pompous useless freeloading Government officials and local council officials out in force to lecture us all about the dangers of venturing outside.

Surrounded by water but there’s still a drought

Friday 25 May 2012 @ 11:34 am

After the wettest April on record, water companies have still imposed a drought order on large swathes of South England. Only in pathetic third-world Britain, an island surrounded by water, would there be a drought order after a whole month of torrential rain. The answer as to why is depressingly familiar for long-term residents well versed in the ways of rip-off UK and yet another example of privatisating key utilities to serve up vast profits for shareholders at the expense of clobbering the electorate.

Since water was privatised in 1989 by the Thatcher government, these greedy water companies have enjoyed massive profits whilst investing less and less in building reservoirs, reducing waste, fixing leaks and replacing the old Victorian sewers. Of course, they would have you believe that investment has shot up but the reality is very different. In London alone for example, the number of reservoirs to store and retain rainfall has dropped significantly resulting in water shortages and drought orders almost every year. Meanwhile, sections of the plumbing system are being replaced at a labour rate slower than a Spaniard during the siesta.

Land that could have been used for reservoirs has been sold off for profit, usually to spiv property developers, whilst the water companies bleat on about fitting every home with a meter to “monitor” usage and reduce waste. They could save millions more by fixing the bloody leaks in the pipes but that would be too expensive for the shareholders. The same goes for desalination depots, of which there is only 1 serving the London area which doesn’t even work.

And don’t think the watchdog Ofwat will do anything about it either, it’s as toothless as a old crone with gingivitis and has no real interest in serving the public trust. Like virtually all other utility watchdogs, Ofwat is a quango stuffed full of jobsworths who are only too happy to issue the odd punitive fine and then sit back the rest of the year and collect their fat 6-figure salaries. It makes me sick and the Government is wholly to blame.

Unlike the other utilities, which should at least have been ringfenced for privatisation in the national rather than foregin interest, the water companies hold a monopoly in that the public do not have a choice. You are stuck with whichever greedy water board operates in your area so they are able to charge whatever they like.

Rather than spend millions fixing leaks, the water companies prefer setting up hotlines to shop your neighbours and imposing hundred pound fines for using a hosepipe. Other than re-nationalisation, the solution of course would be to pipe water from the rain sodden North to the South because the problem is not so much there’s no water, it’s that the distribution is poor and the wastage immense. The Government would do well to scrap the stupid bloody High Speed link that will cost billions to knock a mere 20 minutes off the journey time between Birmingham and London and use that money instead to improve the water distribution network. However, that would be too sensible and save far too much money for a Parliament obsessed with wasting taxpayer cash.

That such an essential utility as water has been privatised is scandalous. That it still remains privatised more than 20 years later instead of passing back into public ownership is even more outrageous. The fact that nothing has been done in those 20 years to improve the water network is enough to take to the bottle. But don’t worry, when the very last drop of water has been expended and the peasants are all reduced to standpipes accompanied by water rationing, the Government will be only too happy to plug the plug and flush us all down the sewers.

You can be sure there’ll be plenty of water left for that.

Another climate change scam to increase taxes

Tuesday 1 February 2011 @ 2:14 pm

The New Year has barely begun and we already have a top contender for the Most Stupidest Research award. It should come as no surprise that it’s about "climate change" that was recently rebranded and relaunched in a cynical marketing exercise designed to fool and tax gullible sheeple.

Scientists at the University of Colorado have announced that the Arctic Ocean is the "warmest it’s been for more than 2,000" years" and that we’re all in serious trouble, especially the polar bears. The so-called scientists claim they drilled into the ocean sea bed to find organisms dating back 2,000 years and then analysed the chemical composition to determine past water temperatures.

Now I’m all for saving the polar bears, magnificent creatures that they are but how the f**k do the "scientists" know that an organism is 2,000 years old? It’s not like they’re buried with a birth certificate or something.

Another scam to try and extort money from honest hardworking civilians.

Britain shivers under icy grip of incompetence

Sunday 12 December 2010 @ 8:35 pm

With forecasts having warned of snow several days earlier, it was of absolutely no surprise to anyone that the UK ground to a halt. First off the blocks were the train companies who wasted no time in suspending routes, cancelling services, leaving passengers stranded and generally making no effort to clear a few inches of snow off the tracks.

The usual excuses were trotted out for their quarterly airing; adverse weather conditions, unusual weather conditions, severe weather conditions, unexpected snow in freezing conditions, it was the wrong type of snow, the snow had fallen too quickly/slowly, the snow was blowing in from the east, the points had frozen, the track warmers wouldn’t work, the fat controller wanted a day off, staff were tucked up in bed, leaves on the line, pig on the line, Mexican bandits, you name it, we’ve heard it all.

Anyone foolish enough to actually visit a train station in the forlorn hope that a normal service might actually be running were met with silent announcements followed by deliberate misinformation and incompetent rail chiefs who decided it would be a far better proposition to run empty trains to their destinations instead of actually stopping to pick up cold and increasingly irate passengers (note to useless rail chief shysters, we are NOT customers).

Next up were the useless local government jobsworths who infest every council up and down the country and spend the majority of the working week thinking up new ways to waste council tax. These parasites are the first to demand payment when it comes to collecting council tax and the last to spend money wisely. And so it was that before the freeze, we had councils everywhere boasting about increased salt levels and how much they had invested in keeping the roads clear after the previous year’s debacle.

However, as soon as the white stuff began to fall, it soon became apparent that councils didn’t actually have any grit and the meagre supplies available were being stored up in some council depot presumably for the purpose of gritting the “chief executives” front drive or sprinkling on the fat bastard’s weekly bag of chips. Why the f**k does a council need a chief executive anyway? In any Coalition spending cut, these scamming fat cats should be first in line to dump on the scrapheap.

The question all sane voters were asking themselves is what’s the bloody point in buying salt if you’re not going to actually invest in the trucks to grit the roads and spread the damn stuff? It seemed that there were about five gritters in the whole of the country and only two of these were fully operational.

Nevertheless, taxpayers are assured that council tax will continue to be demanded with no return on investment so it can be wasted on local government spivs to go on jollies with gold plated index linked pensions on standby for when they finally decide to “retire” on grounds of ill health.

And then we have the airports. With the snow piling up and flights being delayed, Heathrow soon ground to a halt as the lazy Spanish owners couldn’t be bothered to clear the runways. No surprise there then, I’ve yet to meet any Spaniard who could offer more than 30 minutes of actual useful labour.

The accusations began to pile up as the airlines, quite rightly, blamed BAA who in turn blamed the airlines. Truth is that airlines are responsible for de-icing their planes and holding gate’s only with BAA responsible for everything else. It’s scandalous that the Government actually let a two-bit cowboy outfit like Ferrovial buy Heathrow for next to nothing. The heavily debt laden Spanish have used Heathrow as nothing more than a cash cow to pay off their other loans with no effort to invest or improve services. No wonder that third world Heathrow is often voted the worst international airport in the world. It certainly resembled a third world hell hole with passengers huddled under blankets, sleeping in terminals and soup kitchens erected to feed the hungry.

With everyone transfixed with images of passengers being thrown out of Heathrow and burly security guards manhandling irate travellers, the time was ripe for petrol prices to creep up which they duly did in that time honoured tradition of shafting the poor sod motorist out to buy a pint of milk for the morning cuppa. The oil companies insist that prices have been rising all year and are dictated by supply and demand which is about as convincing an argument as the doctored dossier claiming Iraq could deploy WMD’s in under 45 minutes.

Truth is that the hedge funds, shysters and wide boys who “work” in the futures market have been driving up prices all year to make a killing by hoarding petrol. These spivs are nothing more than gamblers in shiny suits with a penchant for strippers, beer and tasteless apartments complete with blinged up crap wagon parked outside. Add to that a Government full of chauffeur driven out-of-touch ministers who never have to fill up, the fuel escalator and VAT increase due in the New Year and a sizeable amount of cash going into the Treasury through petrol tax and there is no way motorists will have it any easier in 2011. Even if oil prices fall, there is little to no visibility of this at pump prices which only reinforces the wholly deserved tag that the UK deserves as rip off Britain.

Last of all we have the utility companies who gleefully announced huge rises in gas and electricity the very moment temperatures began to drop. Like with Heathrow, the Government has been far too busy flogging off our utilities to the cheapest foreign bidder to actually stop and think about what position this places us in. As a result, the UK is at the mercy of French and German owned energy giants who use the UK to subsidise cheaper prices in their own domestic markets. Furthermore, with no investment in storage, all our utilities are bought pretty much at the market spot rate which means the energy companies can charge us whatever the hell they like. And don’t think for one moment that the so called energy watchdog will do anything about this blatant scam, the likes of Ofgem have about as much bite as a guppy fish. Any “investigation” inevitably leads to a mere slap on the wrist and a stern warning followed by the chief executive proudly announcing another result for the consumer. Remind me again exactly why a consumer watchdog needs a f*****g chief executive?

As for the Global Warming scammers, they insist that snow in winter is the result of global warming (now rebranded “climate change”) and nothing to do with actual seasonal change. Seems global warming is responsible for it being cold in winter, hot in summer, wet in spring and breezy in autumn. Expect an exciting range of new climate change taxes coming to a bill near you soon to complement the rebranding exercise.

So, there you have it; incompetent Britain scuppered by a bit of snow that other countries comfortably manage to cope with. Expect the same next year. And the year after that. And the one after that too!

Hypocrisy of desperate Obama

Friday 18 June 2010 @ 10:01 pm

The hypocrisy of the US is staggering and knows no limits. Barack Obama has done his level best to divert attention away from his woeful performance as "President" by orchestrating a witch hunt over the BP oil spill. By publicly berating BP chief Tony Hayward and making him a convenient scapegoat, the Oba-Messiah has aimed to boost his own popularity and conveniently overlooked the simple fact that it was a bunch of yeehaa cowboy US companies involved that caused the blowout.

The likes of Transocean who supplied the rig and Halliburton (who else?) who were contracted to run the operation have been quietly ignored so BP can be beaten up and held to account. Whilst there’s no doubt BP should hold some responsibility for this disaster, it’s outrageous that the US companies involved are being let off the hook. But then again, what else can you expect from a tin-pot President facing disastrous mid-term elections? I have just two words for this incompetent spin doctor masquerading as leader of the so-called free world: Union Carbide. Or Exxon Valdez. Or Piper Alpha, take your pick.

The worst industrial disaster that the world has ever seen occurred in December 1984 at the Union Carbide chemical plant in Bhopal, India. Over 10,000 people died at the hands of the American Union Carbide Corporation and guess how many American executives were held accountable and thrown in jail?


The hypocrisy stinks like a Texas whorehouse and Obama knows it. By going for the popular vote to appease clueless fat Americans who have about as much awareness of world events as they do a healthy diet, Obama has yet again paraded the arrogance and obnoxious streak of the USA which for far too long has been allowed to get away with murder.

And so it is that His Holiness Obama has wasted no time in vilifying BP and demanding a $34 billion dollar fund in compensation for victims of the oil spill. In contrast, the Indian government spent 15 years pursuing a $3.3 billion dollar claim against Union Carbide and eventually had to settle for a mere $470 million.

The amount of compensation demanded by the US is a joke. Never mind that pension companies on both sides of the Atlantic rely heavily on BP dividends or that no such similar funds were set up when all the American banks collapsed, the US is as greedy for money as it is for the 20 million barrels of oil it consumes daily, more than any other country in the world and as much as the top 10 global consumer economies.

So what about our owned esteemed Prime Minster? David Cameron refused to condemn Obama for singling out "British" Petroleum over the disaster even though BP dropped the word "British" from its title several years ago and employs more Americans than Brits.

Meanwhile, BP has been bullied, cowed, silenced and forced into having to accept whatever El Presidente wants without so much as a token gesture of protest against the other spiv American companies directly responsible for the disaster.

Time for BP to start standing up to this fool and time for Cameron to get off his knees when dealing with the Messiah.

Aviva starts ash tax racket to scam travellers

Friday 21 May 2010 @ 3:43 pm

Aviva (formally Norwich Insurance) has announced they will start charging an "ash tax" on travel insurance policies because of the Icelandic volcano which, incidentally, sounds like one giant insurance scam itself. I mean what are the odds? A country goes bankrupt owing billions to investors and then a volcano erupts that conveniently grounds flights and causes disruption.

Meanwhile, back at the trough, you’d put good money on Aviva being the first to concoct some ridiculous new charge to extract maximum amounts of money from gullible fools who think travel insurance is a necessity. If you buy tickets using your credit or debit card, most of them provide you with basic travel insurance anyway.

Aviva who specialise in scamming customers and fighting tooth and nail to avoid paying up in the event of any claim, no matter how small, have long been known for coming up with dubious insurance rackets masquerading as exciting new value propositions. Want blue parrot insurance to cover your pet flying into the tumble dryer? Certainly sir, that’ll be 200 quid plus tax plus £199.99 excess for the first claim and £199.98 thereafter.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that if the volcano stops spewing, the ash tax won’t be dropped because Aviva is interested in one thing and one thing only; hiking premiums and screwing the punters.

To be brutally honest though, anyone who insures with Aviva deserves to be scammed. Their TV adverts famously proclaim "we are not on any price comparison web site" and there’s a bloody good reason for that no matter what kind of policy you’re after including blue parrot insurance!