Corona Virus (AKA Chinese Bat Virus)

So are we really being led to believe that the Chinese Bat Virus (CBV) suddenly materialised out of a filthy open air market that’s been used for decades to sell all manner of exotic live animals from fluffy kitties to venomous scorpions and everything in between?

I don’t buy it. This virus will have been developed in a lab somewhere and “accidently on purpose” released into the wild. There are even reports saying the lab was financed with American money. I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t given the recent trade war spats.

That’s not to say China is blameless. They did the same thing with bird flu and SARS insisting everything was OK whilst the bodies piled up. The sting here though is China seems to have less cases than other countries and much like the other crap they’re happy to export, has off loaded the virus to the West who are bearing the brunt of the infections. The problem here too is that China isn’t coming clean with what we’re dealing with and the less said about the WHO the better. How the fuck can you appoint a head of a global health organisation who isn’t even medically trained?

Answer: with Chinese backing, influence, money and other bribes to ensure the WHO stay compliant. The whole thing stinks like a Wuhan gutter.

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