Corona Virus (AKA Chinese Bat Virus)

Wednesday 25 March 2020 @ 2:02 pm

So are we really being led to believe that the Chinese Bat Virus (CBV) suddenly materialised out of a filthy open air market that’s been used for decades to sell all manner of exotic live animals from fluffy kitties to venomous scorpions and everything in between?

I don’t buy it. This virus will have been developed in a lab somewhere and “accidently on purpose” released into the wild. There are even reports saying the lab was financed with American money. I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t given the recent trade war spats.

That’s not to say China is blameless. They did the same thing with bird flu and SARS insisting everything was OK whilst the bodies piled up. The sting here though is China seems to have less cases than other countries and much like the other crap they’re happy to export, has off loaded the virus to the West who are bearing the brunt of the infections. The problem here too is that China isn’t coming clean with what we’re dealing with and the less said about the WHO the better. How the fuck can you appoint a head of a global health organisation who isn’t even medically trained?

Answer: with Chinese backing, influence, money and other bribes to ensure the WHO stay compliant. The whole thing stinks like a Wuhan gutter.

Deluded idiots vote in French Poodle

Monday 8 May 2017 @ 3:18 pm

The election results are in and Macron is the new French Poodle French President. This clueless Euro loving fool was previously appointed Economic Minister by Hollande back in 2014. French unemployment figures have remained largely above 10% since Macron was appointed which just goes to show that his so called “business friendly” policies are about as useful as a garlic flavoured mouthwash. Still, that’s par for the course when you have a Socialist government so the French can’t complain, they voted him in and are too busy shrugging and holding strikes.

More disturbing is the fact that Macron used to work for Rothschild so you now have a major Head of State with a CV that includes several years working in a sinister firm notorious with pushing a ruthless blood sucking globalist agenda for the New World Order. No surprise that Macron loves the EU, he is the perfect stooge to carry out the globalist orders and no doubt part of the formal ceremony will involve him nipping down to Berlin to get a pat on the head from Ma Merkel.

Why is the UK so fucking stupid?

Tuesday 18 October 2016 @ 9:18 am

The first gang of Calais based so-called “child” asylum seekers have been granted safe passage to the UK with a first class ticket to the benefits office. Looking at the pictures of these graspers, what strikes me, and pretty much everyone else except the cretins in the Home Office, is how old these “children” are. Most of them could pass for at least 21 and are clearly grown men so why are they being granted priority aslyum to the UK because they’re under 18 years of age?

The second thing that’s immediately obvious is that all the men children are Asian lads. Not a single girl amongst them. Genuine asylum seekers from Syria? Shyeah, right. More like a bunch of scamming illegal immigrants or economic migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan who are just looking for the next meal ticket.

Thirdly, they must have crossed at least four safe countries and not a single one of them looks like they’ve been fleeing war. Whatever happened to claiming asylum in the first safe country they arrive in? Naaa, fuck that, we want the exciting range of UK benefits on offer.

All of these “kids” are clothed, well-fed, wearing the latest “gear”, holding the obligatory smartphone and are not in way shape or form “refugees” or “victims”. Just one look at the grinning smirks pasted all over their Chevy Chase, complete with five o clock shadow, and it’s obvious the bogus migrants can’t believe their luck. Oh, and make sure you remember these faces because they’ll soon be staring at you from a Police photofit describing suspects wanted for rape and other sexual crimes.

Why is the UK so fucking stupid when it comes to immigration? Any other sane country would have shipped the immigrants back on whatever banana boat they scurried across to Europe from. Not the mug UK though, whilst the rest of the world laughs at our lunacy in admitting fully grown strapping men under the auspicious tag of “child” refugees, the rest of the asylum bastards are busy throwing away their passports (strange how they never lose their fucking iPhones) and cooking up a cockamamie story to persuade gullible UK officials that they haven’t yet reached puberty.

The immigration centre in Croydon is called Lunar House which is a very apt name for a lunatic asylum full of lunatics. Worst still, this is only the first wave of “children” asylum seekers, more will follow as the word gets out that all you need to do is claim you’re under 18 for a free trip to Treasure Island UK where you’ll be showered with free halal food, free clothes, free schooling, medical care, housing, benefits and pocket money.

Meanwhile, the real children left in the Calais camp, the ones who are 7 or 8 or 9 and who need the most help and are the most vulnerable, are left behind.

Australia has the right idea – turn them back or let them drown

Monday 8 June 2015 @ 11:48 am

The tide of asylum seekers, bogus migrants and other assorted unwanted scum trying to cross the Mediterranean to enter Europe has hugely increased over the last few months leading to a mad scramble for self-righteous do-gooders, lefty liberal halfwits and clueless EU bureaucrats to help these bastards across.

The UK duly played its part in this sickening pointless charade and sent a Royal Navy ship to offer a first class taxi service to The Scum. I didn’t even know the UK had any ships left after spineless Cameron cut the defence budget to the bone in favour of ring fencing the useless fucking international aid budget for paying off corrupt regimes.

Here’s what I don’t get. Why is the Royal Navy plucking illegal immigrants from the Med and then escorting them onto Italy? By all means pick them up if you really must (better to leave them alone though – with any luck they’ll drown) but then take them back to Libya or Turkey or wherever they decided it was a smart idea to cross the sea in an overcrowded rickety old boat with a napkin for a sail. By offering passage to Europe along with food, shelter, clothes and as many sandwiches you can scoff, all that we are doing is encouraging this tide of miserable grasping chancers to ever more desperate acts in crossing the Med so they can eventually reach the Land of Milk and Honey. Eldorado. The pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow. Or the UK as it’s commonly known around the world to those looking for a soft touch Western Country that will provide a translated map to the benefits office along with free housing.

What’s even more of an embarrassment than having a Royal Navy masquerading as a glorified taxi service is to then hear the captain of the Royal Navy vessel crow about the “rescue mission” as if it was a key operation vital to the well being of the UK. Never mind that we barely have any ships to patrol the seas, the very last thing we should be doing is sending our meagre resources to assist in the bogus asylum seeking racket ensuring the UK is open to all and sundry.

As usual, Australia absolutely has the right idea on immigration. All migrant boats are turned back, absolutely nobody is allowed asylum if they happen to make it to shore and for those who end up drowning, tough, it was your choice so it’s your problem, don’t expect any safe passage or a free trip to the hospital.

Time for those in Europe and the UK to grow a pair and show a similar hard line approach but don’t hold your breathe. The liberal left elite have fewer balls than a Eunuch on HRT.

Want to join Daesh? Fine, sod off and don’t come back

Monday 1 June 2015 @ 3:03 pm

Why on earth is the UK Government trying to prevent gormless half-witted imbeciles from leaving these shores to go join Daesh? It’s a handy way to get rid of all the clueless fundamentalist nutjobs, dickheads and ranting mullahs so just let the dumb fucks go and immediately revoke their passports so they can’t return.

If they want to go live with a ragtag bunch of savage backward country hick bastards, let them. And when Jihadi Johnny Bin Fuckwit Al Britani starts bleating about wanting to come home, fuck ’em. He can stay right there with Daesh and enjoy the life that he was so eager to sample.

Pompous Cameron humiliated over Syria action

Sunday 1 September 2013 @ 10:33 pm

Don’t believe the press; the gas attack in Syria was orchestrated and carried out by the Saudi backed rebels. Just look at who would benefit from such a vile act and it’s clear that this horrific and blatant piece of propaganda was executed for the sole purpose of turning opinion against the Syrian government.

Assad is not about to gas his own people, especially with weapons inspectors in the country and the likely response from the West. Consider also that Russia has already stated that the attack originated from a rebel stronghold. You can always count on the Bedouin Wahabi bastards of Saudi to poke their nose into everyone else’s business, whether it’s arming bearded Brotherhood mullah’s in Egypt, smuggling weapons across to a ragtag band of backward country hick mercenaries in Syria or flooding corrupt Pakistan with madrassas to brainwash the next generation of suicide bombers.

A gas attack provides the perfect excuse for the US and the Terrorist State Of Israel to launch missile strikes against Assad who Saudi have always plotted to get rid of. And make no mistake, all talks of viable and plausible evidence that it was the Syrian government who launched the gas attack stinks of a stitch-up similar to the one used to get rid of Saddam.

Meanwhile, it was left to our own pathetic Prime Minister to emulate his great Hero Tony B.Liar and start cheerleading with Obama for air strikes before trying to shove a bill through Parliament that was roundly rejected. Not only was dickhead Cameron thoroughly and quite rightly humiliated with the world watching closely but he also seems to have forgotten that it’s his own rotten coalition government that has systematically destroyed our armed forces through savage budgets cuts whilst squandering money on foreign aid. Never mind the UK’s air strike capability, we don’t even have a fuckin’ aircraft carrier capable of launching a fleet of paper aeroplanes let alone missiles.

And apart from that, why should the UK be dragged into a war that has absolutely nothing to do with us and which the British people have no desire to be involved in? As always with scamming Cameron the marketer, this is has nothing to do with protecting UK interests and everything to do with posturing on the world stage in front of other leaders to try and make out he’s a big man in order to secure a few extra tours on the lucrative merry-go-round lecture circuit. Again, just like his great hero Tony B.Liar.

The humiliation was complete when the Americans turned against Cameron and told him that they don’t need British support so he can sod off for all they care. This just proves that the UK always has and always will be the US’ willing biatch, something the electorate have known for a long time but which successive governments constantly ignore. There is no special relationship between the US and UK and most Brits couldn’t give a flying fuck if there was one, far better we do our own thing than forever pandering to the Americans who delight in using us as a soiled tissue when it best suits them and then shafting us at each and every opportunity otherwise.

As a result, the US is now cosying up to the cheese eating surrender monkeys and proudly declaring France as new best mate and oldest ally. If it wasn’t enough for the Prime Minister to be bitch slapped by the US over comments that they would go ahead with strikes anyway, the fact that Obama is now in bed with Hollande is a double embarrassment for spineless goon Cameroon.

Gormless Cameron offers weapons to Syrian rebels

Monday 17 June 2013 @ 10:26 pm

With the conflict in Syria showing no signs of resolution, gormless Prime Minster David Cameron has argued the case for arming the bloodthirsty rebel fighters with arms.

Apart from the fact that the rebels are a bunch of fanatical, rabid, inhumane, extremist, backward country hick savages with strong links to the Wahabi nutcases in Saudi who are sponsoring their effort, idiot Cameron doesn’t seem to realise that Syria has nothing to do with the UK and even if it does, he has already decimated our armed forces in favour of throwing money at the EU, welcoming asylum seekers with a bounty of benefits and refusing to curtail the Department for Pointless Frippery otherwise known as the Department for International Development.

Putin quite rightly slapped down Cameron by warning the Eton Toff that the rebels are carrying out acts of atrocity far worse and in excess of anything that President Bashir is doing. And I don’t believe for one moment that there is compelling evidence of chemical weapons being used against the rebels. This all sounds horribly familiar to the trumped up dossier of lies that Tony BLiar peddled as a precursor to invading Iraq.

With both the US (who else?) and their loyal lapdog the UK willing to arm these so called rebels, and Russia and China ranged on the other side with President Assad, the Syrian conflict has wider repercussions but that’s still no excuse for the UK to go meddling into foreign affairs that don’t concern us. What annoys me the most though is how spineless wimp Cameron dare not stand up the bloated and corrupt EU yet can’t wait to meddle in Syria in a vain attempt to appear a Big Man on the world stage much like his hero Tony Blair. The whole thing stinks but then again, what do you expect from a gormless Prime Minister who, exactly like BLiar, has absolutely no intention or past precedent of serving the country in the interests of the electorate.

Mediocre London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony was rubbish

Saturday 28 July 2012 @ 8:33 am

Seems like I’m one of the very few who found the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony to be utter crap and about as entertaining as watching the freezer defrost. Switch on the TV and all you’ll hear are gushing media channels fawning over how great and amazing and wonderful the opening ceremony was, a spectacular success and a real triumph. Cue live interviews with braindead sheeple who are too stupid to realise they’re being taken for mugs by the business sponsors behind the whole corrupt circus that exists purely to make money from gullible idiots.

It’s the same with the printed press. Previously sceptical papers that couldn’t criticise the games hard enough as a monumental waste of money are now lavishing the plaudits on director Danny Boyle for putting on the Best Show Ever. Now I’ve nothing against Danny Boyle, he comes across as a very nice chap on TV but his films suck. Trainspotting was crap, a film about druggies interspersed with contemporary pop-culture references to make it cool, Slumdog Millionaire an overrated piece of melodramatic slush that has the same feel good factor you get with a kick to the groin and the less said about 127 Hours, the better. I’ll give him 28 Days Later though, that was a good movie.

Back to the feeble opening ceremony, there were precisely four, and only four, redeeming pieces; the opening sequence with James Bond and the Queen although it would have been a lot more entertaining if it really was Liz and the parachute failed to open; Mr Bean’s comedy skit; the soundtrack that showcased the best of British music talent despite the presence of the Sugababes; and finally Becks roaring up the Thames in a speedboat with the Olympic flame.

The rest of it was mostly mediocre multicultural claptrap; a mish-mash of potted history through the industrial revolution taking in Brunel that will have been lost on anyone who’s attended Britain’s finest dumbed-down educational establishments during the last 15 years; a homage to our very own NHS that not so much came across as a blatant piece of lefty propaganda as it did advertise to the world that the UK health service is free to all and everyone’s welcome; some rubbish new-age style arty dance crap that was accompanied by a singer nobody’s ever heard of warbling a funeral dirge; gangs of irritating teenage hoodies advertising the latest mobile phones and using social media to tell a pointless love story; and lets not forget the hordes of children that seemed to be peddled at every possible opportunity to perhaps invite sympathy or more accurately, ensure that the whole Olympics charade plays the cynical “games legacy for our kids” card full tilt.

The Sir Tim Berners-Lee tribute was a nice touch but even he must have felt a bit of berk sitting out there tapping on a keyboard in front of a global audience of billions. As for the flying Mary Poppins, cavorting imbeciles around the Maypole, embarrassingly twee costumes, Lord Voldemort wannabe, that stupid baby face sculpture thing made of what looked like string and the live farm, it was not so much a spectacle as it was a fine display of half-assed British eccentricity and drivel. Or to put it another way, there were more sheep in the audience than there were in that damn farm.

To cap things all off, that old geriatric duffer McCartney was wheeled out to sing off key and murder what little atmosphere remained in the stadium from a pliant crowd that would have been satisfied with a third rate Punch and Judy show. Why they have to get this old fool out at every opportunity singing the same tired old rubbish is a mystery although I suppose we should be grateful they didn’t go with the infinitely worse Rolling Stones.

Most atrocious of all though, was surely the daft decision to announce everything in French before English. WTF? Did Napoleon conquer Britain? Has this green and pleasant land been overrun by a bunch of self serving cheese-eating surrender-monkey toads? It was an absolute disgrace and further proof if any is needed that the IOC is nothing more than a jumped up bureaucratic jolly for its members to swan around the world staying in the best hotels, dining on the finest food at the expense of the mug host country that’s been stupid enough to bid for the games and bow to their every whim.

So in short then, hats off to Danny Boyle for organising what was largely a damp squid, the guy will definitely be knighted in the honours list and deserves to be for agreeing to stage this ridiculous waste-of-time extravaganza.

And to anyone who thinks I’m a miserable old goat and that London 2012 staged the “Best Opening Ceremony Ever”, well all I can say is firstly, you’re easily pleased and would probably be entertained by the opening of a supermarket; and secondly, next time that hospital or school in your neighbourhood closes, or pensions are cut yet again, or our troops are sent abroad ill-equipped to fight a phoney foreign war or your local sleazy expense-fiddling MP bleats about there not being any money left in the kitty to pay for vital infrastructure projects, just remember how much this whole rotten Olympics jamboree cost the taxpayer.

Welcome to the laughing stock UK Olympics

Saturday 14 July 2012 @ 8:58 pm

Welcome to the 2012 Olympics being held here in the UK. Our level of incompetence in holding such an overblown, overrated, waste-of-money event is matched only by the level of utter contempt and wholesale unenthusiasm that Brits hold for having the wretched games foisted upon us by a thieving money grabbing elite riddled with cronyism. An extra special mention to our expense fiddling scamming politicians who grossly underestimated the bid meaning the final bill has ballooned from the original £4 billion to £11 billion.

Nevertheless, we look forward to athletes from across the globe taking part in one of the most corrupt, money making and pointless spectacles in the world where sporting prowess plays third and fourth fiddle to the more important business of ripping people off and making money for official sponsors. And we especially welcome our IOC (International Olympics Committee) Mollusc Olympian Overlords for the sheer contempt and disgust they hold for ordinary folk daring to question the serious business of making the IOC members rich.

When you land at third world Heathrow Airport, our warm welcome extends to keeping you waiting for a minimum of two hours to pass through border security. This is on account of our stupid, expense fiddling politicians having cut UK Border Agency staff to the bone. However, should you wish to be whisked through with any delay, please claim asylum where you will be eagerly directed to the nearest benefits centre and a bump to the top of the housing list. In the meantime, please take full advantage of our decrepit National Health Service, it is here for the whole world to use for free.

Once you leave the airport, a plethora of buses and trains are waiting to rip you off with sky high prices and a mediocre service that seldom adheres to a timetable. Should you wish to use a car, the authorities have helpfully blocked off large parts of London to create gridlock and herd the peasants into single lane roads. Hence, there are plenty of route closures, new no right/left turns, suspended pedestrian crossings, traffic flow direction on one way roads reversed, contraflows and altered traffic light phasing to stop traffic getting anywhere near Olympic routes.

A network of CCTV covers the worlds most spied upon country and special Zil lanes have been created for Olympics VIP’s to whisk self-important sponsors, business backscratchers, MP’s, lickspittles and cronies to and from the venue in chauffeur driven BMW’s. Do not be surprised if the traffic lights remain red for eternity to create gridlock whilst miraculously turning green for the Zil lanes, this has been expressly designed to ensure you don’t go anywhere so that corrupt IOC members who are in a hurry to get back to their 5-star taxpayer funded hotel suites to dine on caviar and champagne do not get held up. However, please do feel free to try and use the Zil lanes, there’s a £130 fine that will be shoved directly into the pocket of some grinning idiot in LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) but the rest of London will cheer you to the echo for sticking two fingers up at the robbing Gestapo bastards.

Upon arrival at the official stadium, a stream of bureaucratic overbearing Olympics nonsense is ready and waiting to wash over you like a visit from the Soviet Politburo. It’s already been declared that chips can’t be sold by anyone apart from official sponsor McDonalds and that you can’t take your own bottled water or food inside the Olympic stadium. However, picnic hampers are available from the official picnic hamper supplier camped outside who will be glad to offer a range of measly sandwich options excitingly priced from 40 quid upwards.

Security for this pointless grubby event is supplied courtesy of G4S, a bunch of incompetent, incapable, inadequate brainless monkeys led by leering clueless inbred chief executive Nick Buckles who is on a £1.4 million annual package. Several MP’s, including hapless Home Secretary Theresa May, have a vested financial interest in G4S which is why the company has been awarded the contract. Rest assured, G4S has promised to not recruit enough suitable candidates or bother vetting potential applicants so you can expect a bunch of grunting ignorant chav yobs manning the gates accompanied by an assortment of eager suicide bombers and terrorists who not so much as slipped through the net as they did walk through the open door of G4S’ laughably inept non-existant security checks. Semi-coherent English language skills will be a minor bonus although should not be assumed by any means.

Once the Olympics is over, and 2 weeks can’t arrive soon enough, we expect a significant proportion of visitors, athletes and spectators alike, to remain in Britain outstaying their visa, especially from the grasping African countries and Indian sub-continent. Once again, playing the asylum card will work wonders but you can also just disappear into the economy since the Border Agency won’t bother to try and track you down for deportation. Everyone’s welcome in benefits Britain so come on in, the water’s lovely.

Meanwhile, the locals will be left to pick up the bill for the entire shitty event whilst the bent Olympics committee begins the whole sorry affair again by trying to hoodwink another gormless country into staging a spectacle that should have been paid for and staged by the bloody Greeks.

We hope you enjoy your stay in the UK, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Pakistan poll surprises for the wrong reasons

Saturday 30 June 2012 @ 12:17 pm

The results of a recent poll taken in Pakistan found that some 80% were hostile towards the USA. This surprises me for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I’m amazed that your average ignorant bearded mullah in Pakistan actually knows what a “poll” is and was sufficiently articulate and literate enough to respond.

Secondly, you wouldn’t need to travel far in Pakistan to find anyone who was hostile towards the USA which begs the question, why bother polling in the first place? It’s no different to asking a turkey if it’s hostile towards Thanksgiving.

Thirdly, the institutionalised corruption and greedy bent politicians that infest Pakistan do far more damage to the country than any foreign policy. These same ignorant illiterate rednecks who burn the American flag, and I’ve no doubt that meddling US foreign policy is responsible for most of the world’s troubles, would be far better served by turning their ire and anger towards the likes of Zardari and his bunch of grasping crooked self-enriching tax-dodging thieves who are intent on robbing Pakistan and keeping it a third world state.