Surrounded by water but there’s still a drought

Friday 25 May 2012 @ 11:34 am

After the wettest April on record, water companies have still imposed a drought order on large swathes of South England. Only in pathetic third-world Britain, an island surrounded by water, would there be a drought order after a whole month of torrential rain. The answer as to why is depressingly familiar for long-term residents well versed in the ways of rip-off UK and yet another example of privatisating key utilities to serve up vast profits for shareholders at the expense of clobbering the electorate.

Since water was privatised in 1989 by the Thatcher government, these greedy water companies have enjoyed massive profits whilst investing less and less in building reservoirs, reducing waste, fixing leaks and replacing the old Victorian sewers. Of course, they would have you believe that investment has shot up but the reality is very different. In London alone for example, the number of reservoirs to store and retain rainfall has dropped significantly resulting in water shortages and drought orders almost every year. Meanwhile, sections of the plumbing system are being replaced at a labour rate slower than a Spaniard during the siesta.

Land that could have been used for reservoirs has been sold off for profit, usually to spiv property developers, whilst the water companies bleat on about fitting every home with a meter to “monitor” usage and reduce waste. They could save millions more by fixing the bloody leaks in the pipes but that would be too expensive for the shareholders. The same goes for desalination depots, of which there is only 1 serving the London area which doesn’t even work.

And don’t think the watchdog Ofwat will do anything about it either, it’s as toothless as a old crone with gingivitis and has no real interest in serving the public trust. Like virtually all other utility watchdogs, Ofwat is a quango stuffed full of jobsworths who are only too happy to issue the odd punitive fine and then sit back the rest of the year and collect their fat 6-figure salaries. It makes me sick and the Government is wholly to blame.

Unlike the other utilities, which should at least have been ringfenced for privatisation in the national rather than foregin interest, the water companies hold a monopoly in that the public do not have a choice. You are stuck with whichever greedy water board operates in your area so they are able to charge whatever they like.

Rather than spend millions fixing leaks, the water companies prefer setting up hotlines to shop your neighbours and imposing hundred pound fines for using a hosepipe. Other than re-nationalisation, the solution of course would be to pipe water from the rain sodden North to the South because the problem is not so much there’s no water, it’s that the distribution is poor and the wastage immense. The Government would do well to scrap the stupid bloody High Speed link that will cost billions to knock a mere 20 minutes off the journey time between Birmingham and London and use that money instead to improve the water distribution network. However, that would be too sensible and save far too much money for a Parliament obsessed with wasting taxpayer cash.

That such an essential utility as water has been privatised is scandalous. That it still remains privatised more than 20 years later instead of passing back into public ownership is even more outrageous. The fact that nothing has been done in those 20 years to improve the water network is enough to take to the bottle. But don’t worry, when the very last drop of water has been expended and the peasants are all reduced to standpipes accompanied by water rationing, the Government will be only too happy to plug the plug and flush us all down the sewers.

You can be sure there’ll be plenty of water left for that.

Another climate change scam to increase taxes

Tuesday 1 February 2011 @ 2:14 pm

The New Year has barely begun and we already have a top contender for the Most Stupidest Research award. It should come as no surprise that it’s about "climate change" that was recently rebranded and relaunched in a cynical marketing exercise designed to fool and tax gullible sheeple.

Scientists at the University of Colorado have announced that the Arctic Ocean is the "warmest it’s been for more than 2,000" years" and that we’re all in serious trouble, especially the polar bears. The so-called scientists claim they drilled into the ocean sea bed to find organisms dating back 2,000 years and then analysed the chemical composition to determine past water temperatures.

Now I’m all for saving the polar bears, magnificent creatures that they are but how the f**k do the "scientists" know that an organism is 2,000 years old? It’s not like they’re buried with a birth certificate or something.

Another scam to try and extort money from honest hardworking civilians.

China intent to kill off tigers

Friday 4 September 2009 @ 3:45 pm

China has quietly approved the sale of products made from endangered animals including the tiger. This majestic beast has been targeted for centuries by the cruel and delusional Chinese who believe that the ground up bones of a tiger are the cure for all manner of highly dubious ailments.

With the tiger population in India at an all-time low, this stupid, greedy, self gratifying move is typical of the tyrannical and ignorant Chinese who have a long and illustrious history of treating any kind of animal with brutal contempt. There is absolutely no place in the civilised world for any country to hunt an endangered species to extinction.

It’s not just wildlife though; China is determined to ignore international pleas for anything remotely offensive including the reduction of carbon emissions and basic human rights in a country where both the media and civilians are censored to death.

Just one more reason to add to the growing list as to why the rest of the world should boycott this Communist hothouse of barbaric backward hicks.

Greedy Géant in move to kill off sharks

Friday 26 June 2009 @ 3:50 pm

On a recent trip to the Middle East, I was outraged to see the French hypermarket Géant selling baby shark on the fish counter. Never mind that sharks are an endangered species and in decline, the eating of shark is apparently not allowed under Islamic law so why is it being openly sold in Muslim countries?

Islam also preaches to take only that which is sustainable and it’s blatantly obvious to all, apart from the Chinese who think it’s ok to eat eat anything, that shark numbers have dropped significantly. Géant should be boycotted until they see sense whilst anyone else buying this magnificent fish deserves to choke on their own gluttony.

Selfish old coot goes angling for ego

Friday 26 June 2009 @ 9:03 am

A 70-year old pensioner has landed the largest fish ever caught by rod and line in the waters of the British Isles. Joe Waldis reeled in a 1,056lb shark and rather than immediately throwing this magnificent and endangered creature back into the sea, the silly old fool towed it back to land for a weigh-in. The shark in question was a mature specimen and likely to have been a breeding female so to see it dead and strung up like a sock with Waldis and his ego posing next to it is sickening.

Sharks are in serious decline and there was absolutely no need for Waldis to kill it by bringing it ashore for weighing when a tape measure and photograph would have been more than sufficient. This stupid idiot should employ common sense and show a little humility and respect next time he goes fishing.