Apple iPhone SE 2020 hits the right spot

Now I’m no Apple fan but at least they “get” that there is a market for small reasonably powerful compact phones. Meanwhile, the braindead Android manufacturers are still busy measuring their dicks and squabbling over who has the most cameras, fastest CPU, biggest screen, highest RAM, largest storage, widest ratio, thinnest bezels and other BS gimmicks that nobody really cares about.

For the first time ever, I’m seriously thinking of moving to Apple. Why? Simply because I want a small compact phone with decent specs. I really hope Android manufacturers sit up and take note, and come up with an Android equivalent but I fear they won’t. They’re simply too stupid, too clueless and too dim to have foresight of what the market really wants.

Look at folding screens. An idiotic response to a question nobody asked or requested. Here’s the thing; no matter how innovative they think they are Android manufacturers are always playing catch-up with Apple who seem to do it right.

TouchID? Early Android phones had a rubbish swipe style fingerprint scanner which was as reliable as next weeks weather forecast. Apple did it right with a fast reliable scanner that was secure and just needed a single touch to unlock.

FaceID? Again, Android phones had versions of this before Apple but it was crap and simply took a photo of your face meaning it could be spoofed with a photograph. It took Apple to do it right with proper biometric 3D scanning that was also secure. Incredibly, a lot of Android phones still use the old “take a photo” method to implement Android Face Unlock which is about as secure as a 1 digit PIN code.

Premium materials? Apple was pretty much first again with a beautifully crafted handset to justify the ludicrous price charged for the iPhone Sheeple to lavishly lap up. Meanwhile, Android phones for a long time were just a sea of cheap plastic with occasional touches to make them appear premium. Sure, it’s no longer the case now but it took Apple to shake up the market.

It even works with the more hare-brained decisions; Apple were the first to start ditching the headphone jack and the Android Sheep promptly followed suit. If Apple says it’s not needed, who are we, the Android community, to argue with such a comprehensive and obviously sensible design?

And here we are again with compact phones. The last decent compact Android handset was the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact from 2018. Can you believe that since then, there has been pretty much nothing else?

It can be argued that the market will only provide where there is customer demand but you can bet your last wired headset that Apple were actually smart enough to see that there was a gap in the market for a small compact mobile and were savvy enough to build a phone around this to fill the gap. Sure, the battery life is lousy, but then, Apple phones have always had mediocre battery so it’s nothing new.

I’ll give it a few more months to see if anything pops up on the Android front that’s small, compact, not crippled by feeble specs and gives the iPhone SE a run for it’s money. Can’t say I’m optimistic though.

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