Stop bashing Megan Markle

Sick and tired of all the hate for Megan Markle. I’m no fan of the Royals, have never watched Suits, and quite frankly, would be pleased as Punch if the whole monarchy collapsed along with all the useless toffs who can’t wait to bow and scrape in front of a bunch of Germans.

However, whatever you think of Markle, it was Harry’s choice. He’s a big boy who can make his own decisions and as long as we’re not having to pay for the whole sideshow, or it’s causing offence to anyone, let them be. It’s nobody’s business and I reckon the constant barrage of criticism is simply because Haters think Megs is in it for the money / fame / fortune / prestige all of the above.

So what if she is? I couldn’t care less if Megan is using the Royal moniker for her benefit; if Harry’s fine with it and none of the other useless Royals mind she’s not doing any harm.

I’m far more aggravated by the traitorous cretins in Parliament who are doing everything to subvert the democratic will of 17+ million people that voted to leave the EU cesspit.

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