Apple slam dunks with the iPhone 12 Mini

Tuesday 13 October 2020 @ 10:23 pm

After the fantastic iPhone SE 2020, and as an Android user I say that with no pleasure, Apple has once again knocked it out of the park with the fantastic iPhone 12 Mini.

Just look it. I mean really, it’s a work of art. Small. Compact. Powerful. Sleek. It’s all the phone I’ll ever need.

Bloody shame then that it’s tethered to the Apple ecosystem and has no 3.5mm headphone jack or SD slot. Or FM Radio. And still insists on using that silly proprietary charging port.

Here’s what I don’t get. When will the brainless Android manufacturers wake up and realise that there is a viable market for small compact powerful devices? And I don’t mean elongated crap like the Xperia 5 II which needs fingers like E.T. to use comfortably.

It’s totally ridiculous that in 2020, there is still no decent compact Android phone to rival the iPhone SE with similar specs, let alone the new 12 Mini. The best we have is still the XZ2 Compact from 2 years ago and even that was cribbed by having no 3.5mm headphone jack. Or FM Radio.

And another thing. Why is Android slowly morphing into a Google crapfest with all their shitty apps seemingly hellbent on becoming less and less useful and more cumbersome to use?

Take the basic Messages app for example. On Android 10, you still can’t see the date and time for each message in a conversation. Then there’s the Files app; if you wanna share a file via Bluetooth, you have to select a contact first instead of just switching on Bluetooth and sending it to a device.

Why the fuck should I select a contact first? What if the person I want to share the file to is not in my contact list?

It’s exactly this type of sub-optimal UX that the geeks at Google are fanatically building without any regard for user interaction. This is what happens when you treat an app like a technology showcase instead of a product.

Back to the iPhone 12 Mini though; this could be the one that just might tempt me away from Android. However, knowing the Android market, I’m counting on the likes of Samsung and Huawei to start working on their own version now that Apple has revelealed their mini masterpiece.

Why? Because they’re both reactive rather than proactive and just too fuckin’ stupid to come up with an original idea themselves for a small powerful compact phone.