Bruiser Brown battered further

You know the drill by now. Yet another cabinet minister has resigned, just as McBottle was putting the finishing touches to his new mangled cabinet. Defence Secretary John Hutton announced he was stepping down for "family reasons" (politician speak for "my dodgy expenses have been busted") but the timing could not have been more crushing for Brown, coming as it did a mere 12 hours after Purnell jumped ship.

These are calculated and deliberate attempts to topple McBroon and he deserves all the spite and hatred for the damage he’s done over the last 12 years. Showing again just how desperate his situation is, Brown has kept serial fraudster Alistair Darling as Chancellor and shunted bookies favourite as successor, Alan Johnson into the Home Office to try and shore up his pathetically ineffective government. The PM’s authority, what little he had of it anyway, is now in freefall and the wolves are circling for blood.

Good Riddance to bad rubbish I say. Bog off into oblivion Brown and don’t expect any sympathy from the electorate you robbing, thieving, swindling crook!


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