Fickle Flint flounces out of government

Now even I didn’t see this one coming. Caroline Flint, Europe Minister for ensuring Britain wastes £40 mil daily by contributing to the waste of space that is the EU, has flounced out of government a day after declaring "I am very proud to be in a Labour government and very proud to be part of Gordon Brown’s government."

Fast forward 24 hours and Flint who is regarded by the Westminster desperado’s as something of a glamour puss, accused McBottle of having treated her along with several other cabinet women as "little more than female window dressing." Don’t flatter yourself love, you were never that much of a looker! Of course, the fact that she was jostling for a promotion that McBean decided not to give makes her resignation entirely coincidental. Flint was furious at having been passed over for a senior role and tossed a well-aimed stiletto at Beancounter McBaldrick by denouncing his two-tier government in a tersely worded letter complete with obligatory headshot pic for the tabloids.

Having jumped ship with the rest of the screeching crones, Flint is now an honourable member of the WAG brigade, that is Women Against Gordon. This ragtag bunch of second-rate useless Blair Witches show loyalty to each other rather than their constituents and comprise the likes of Muppet Blears, Piggy Smith, Pat "show me the money" Hewitt, Beverly Hughes and Tessa Jowell (she’s the deranged fool who sold the UK further into debt by tendering a bid of £2.25 billion for the wretched Olympics, the cost of which has already risen threefold with the damn thing still under construction).

Back in Brown’s Bunker, our reviled PM remains defiant and delusion, convinced that only he can save the world. The arrogance of this unelected bully is plain for all to see, McBean knows the country and his own ministers want him out and that he’ll lose the next election but instead of doing the honourable thing, he will cling onto power, eager and greedy to consume the trappings and privilege of serving the highest seat in UK politics. Gormless Gordon McFool continues to spout his "getting on with the job" crap, blind to the fact that he already finished the job of ruining the UK for good whilst Chancellor resulting in everyone being saddling with a mountain of debt for the next three generations.

Just go now McBottle. You are completely delusion. Sod off as cheaply and as quietly as possible. Get out. You’re not wanted.


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