Oyster Cards designed to scam unwary commuters

Thursday 25 August 2011 @ 3:59 pm

Transport for London has long crowed about Oyster cards being the cheapest way to travel. What they don’t tell you is these sinister electronic tags also track your movements and are deliberately used by TfL as an easy way to fleece unwary customers by incorrectly robbing them of any credit when the card readers stop working. Make no mistake, the primary function of an Oyster card is not convenience or value, it is simply a revenue raising ruse with an added value proposition straight out of the bumper book of Stasi Police.

Consider the typical scenario where a commuter touches in and touches out correctly. The Oyster reader beeps but crucially, the Oyster card is not actually read meaning the full obscenely expensive single peak fare is deducted from your balance. Another popular and highly lucrative TfL scam is to open the barriers whenever there are Tube delays. Unwary passengers pass through the barriers without touching out and are again charged the full single fare which is about as competitive as a construction contract drawn up by the Mafia.

Further evidence is amply provided by the amount of incorrect fines that TfL collects through Oyster. Some £60 million was raised last year of which £20 million was paid back in refunds but only after commuters claimed the money. Here’s the thing though; the refund process relies on the commuter initiating a claim and is stupidly complicated having been specifically designed by chimps to be as convoluted as possible thus deterring even the most trivial of cases. And don’t think for one moment that any extra revenue raised is going on service improvements, TfL has far too many fat cats and cronies who will happily waste the cash on less desirable enterprises like more CCTV or less audible speakers to ensure we all miss important travel announcements.

Even the bog standard convenience argument is lazy as a Greek civil servant. How many times have you been behind someone with an Oyster card during rush hour only for their card to fail at the reader? Immediately, a crush builds up behind you and tailbacks start forming as the hapless individual scans their Oyster card again and again before sloping off to the TfL attendant who stood in the corner sniggering away at the misfortune instead of trying to help.

Best thing is to stick with a paper ticket. There’s no tracking of movements plus it’s quicker, faster, costs the same amount and more importantly, stops TfL from scamming you for every last penny.

Pathetic 1p cut in fuel duty helps nobody

Wednesday 23 March 2011 @ 8:35 pm

With the UK bankrupt thanks to 13 years of robbing taxes gleefully raised by Gordon Brown and then squandered on non-jobs in the public sector, there were no surprises in the 2011 budget including the pathetic token gesture of 1p off fuel duty. Millionaire Chancellor George Osborne is as stupid as he looks if he thinks the UK electorate is fooled by this latest Tory scam.

Predictably, the press was soon crowing about the 1p cut as if the Government had announced that everyone would suddenly be given a large suitcase of cash to blow on strippers. What really grates though is when so-called economists and financial "experts" bang on about this being a real cut of 6p due to the April planned rise of 5p in fuel duty being postponed.

How the f**k can a 5p levy not yet enforced and then shelved (not scrapped) amount to a 6p tax cut? A paltry 1p reduction in fuel duty will save all of about 50p per tankful. Only in real terms it won’t since Boy George already hiked fuel duty a few months ago with the 20% rise in VAT so we’re all paying even more than before. And on top of all this, the useless Chancellor has the gall to say he’s bringing relief for motorists.

Never mind a 1p cut in fuel duty Georgie Boy, how about scrapping the ring-fenced foreign aid and using the cash for the locals instead of lining the pockets of the latest corrupt African dictator in need of a new Merc?

The 1p cut in fuel duty was supposed to take effect at 6pm and as usual, the scumbag forecourts hiked prices by 3p during the afternoon and then cut them by a penny in the evening. That is, those garages that could be bothered, there were plenty that haven’t even passed on the 1p cut and have no intention of doing so.

A real cut of at least 20p in fuel duty is required, easily funded by scrapping the 10 billion foreign aid nonsense and pulling out of the EU that costs us 4bil a day with bugger all to show for it except the despised Human Rights Act. Tackle those two elephants in the room and we’ll even have enough left over to blow on strippers.

Random Annoyances: Unwanted Rush Hour Passengers

Thursday 10 February 2011 @ 3:06 pm

Cyclists, pensioners, mums, prams, baby’s, kids, hoodies, fat people, slow people, tramps, Big Issue sellers, shoppers, students with iPods and tourists on rush hour buses and trains. Sod off!

Random Annoyances: Traffic Lights

Friday 4 February 2011 @ 2:59 pm

Driving up to a set of traffic light that turn red just as you approach. And then having this happen on every single set of traffic lights thereafter on your journey.

Normal service on 25% of lines

Tuesday 19 October 2010 @ 3:18 pm

More nonsense from London Underground this morning with a typical commuter announcement that said:

"The Northern, Bakerloo and Piccadilly Lines are part suspended. The Circle, District and Jubilee lines are experiencing severe delays. The Hammersmith & City line has been suspended due to a passenger incident at Westbourne Park. The Victoria Line is not stopping at Kings Cross. The Waterloo & City Line is closed due to engineering works. There is a good service operating on all other lines"

So there is a normal service on 25% of London Underground lines. Far more economical to say:

"There is a good service operating on the Central and Metropolitan lines and the Docklands Light Railway. Everything else is f****d".

Stupidity of London Underground

Monday 18 October 2010 @ 2:58 pm

So there I was waiting at a Tube station when an announcement boomed out that the next train wouldn’t stop because of "overcrowding" in the ticket hall and platforms. This despite said platform having just a handful of people waiting.

The next train came along and as promised, didn’t bother stopping although it did go slow enough for us all to see the train was half empty inside. The next train was exactly the same. And the next. And the one after that too.

Twenty minutes later, an LU official proudly announced the next train would actually stop and that services were "back to normal". This was followed by a train thundering into view, full to the brim and packed to the rafters, which meant of course that it would indeed stop to promptly flood the platform and ticket hall again.

If the ticket hall is crowded, why not just let the passengers go to the empty platform and get on the empty train instead of holding an increasingly angry mob at the barrier gates thus causing more crowding? And why didn’t the train driver radio ahead and tell the station bean counters that the damn train was empty and could stop to pick up passengers? At least put someone on the platform to do the same.

I suspect this latest scam falls into the bucket of pointless health and safety laws but you can’t help feeling London Underground take fiendish delight in ensuring commuter journeys are delayed as much as possible.

Westminster Council even more stupid than the rich

Wednesday 18 August 2010 @ 4:23 pm

It has emerged that filthy rich Arabs visiting London owe nearly £4 million in unpaid parking tickets. These lazy good-for-nothing Middle East layabouts who have more money than sense and even less style and taste fly their supercars over during the summer months to escape the heat of the Gulf. Not content with annoying the locals, clogging up London roads and holding late night races in the Knightsbridge area, the Bedouin buttheads also think it’s their God given right to park wherever the hell they want.

Parking tickets have no effect for a very good reason. The pampered playboy’s are only ever here for a few months before they bugger off back to the desert with their cars and boyfriends in tow and without settling any fines. However, the fault lies squarely with Westminster City Council which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the inner workings of a council office that excels at wasting public funds.

Westminster officials claims that because the number plates are written in Arabic, they cannot be traced overseas. As a result and because they’re as lazy as the Arabs, the council writes off the fines leaving the mug UK taxpayer to pick up the tab as usual. This particular scam has been going on for nigh on 3 years now racking up huge debts that the taxpayer is having to foot.

Of course, what everyone else with an iota of common sense wants to know is why the hell the thicko councillors’ don’t just clamp the supercars, tow them away and ensure all fines are paid when their stupidly rich owners come to collect. The threat of crushing or auctioning off the vehicle for non payment should do the trick for any dissenters.

You can bet your last alloy wheel that if this was an ordinary UK car with a UK plate driven by a UK citizen, Westminster Council would fine, clamp and tow your car five minutes after you left it with a valid ticket displayed.

Outlaw clampers to be outlawed

Tuesday 17 August 2010 @ 3:13 pm

The Government has announced that clamping on private land is to be made a criminal offence in a move that will cheer every motorist. The menacing bunch of gorilla’s who run these bully boy clamping firms will be liable to a £5k  fine or even jail if they try to clamp or tow a vehicle on private land.

The cowboy clamping industry has always been referred to as legalised mugging which is exactly what it is. Scotland long ago banned clampers from operating on private land but the Labour government had no such commonsense, not unusual given that Gordon Brown couldn’t drive and viewed motorists as nothing more than cash cows to fund his sleazy plan to bankrupt the UK for good.

Meanwhile there will be zero sympathy for any of the clampers losing their "jobs", and I use the term in the loosest sense. With any luck, not only will the clamping gorilla’s be slung out onto the streets but their wretched clamps will also be slung out too and hopefully catch them in the right place.

Petrol prices magically reduced after Asda price cut

Friday 21 May 2010 @ 3:03 pm

Asda has reduced the price of petrol by 2p triggering other companies to do the same. This isn’t the first time Asda has taken the lead in cutting fuel prices and they must be commended for doing so but what really grates is that without any hesitation, the other fuel companies followed suit.

This amply demonstrates rip-off Britain where the mug consumer is fleeced at every opportunity. Whilst the wholesale price of crude has fallen in recent months, none of the forecourts was willing to lower prices, among the highest in the world. Yet, when one company slashes prices, suddenly the rest of the rip-off merchants can’t follow quick enough and have miraculously found a margin that can be discounted.

Successive governments have zero interest in cutting fuel duty because it’s such a money spinner. The oil companies claim the majority of the price is tax and they only make a penny on a litre of fuel after distribution and refinement costs whilst the MP’s bang on about excessive billion dollar profits made by the fat cat oil companies. Who to believe?

The answer of course is neither. The government will never reduce taxation on fuel and the oil companies will continue to rake in billions in profits whilst the Mickey Mouse dollar falls. Meanwhile, the spiv speculators and commodities futures traders will ensure tankers full of black gold stay moored off the coast of Britain until the price rises and they can make a ton of cash.

It makes me sick and I work for a bank full of these parasitic wide boys that bring in the money.

The Great Global Warming Con

Monday 15 February 2010 @ 11:11 am

Useless lefty eco-mentalists, the Met Office has warned Britain to brace itself for further snowfall this week that could, gasp, reach almost 4 inches. The Met Office, which can’t accurately predict yesterday’s weather let alone the week ahead, also forecast snow across the London region earlier this month that failed to materialise.

Over the years, the Met Office has been used by the BBC as the official propaganda wing of the Great Global Warming scam. It’s no coincidence that the recent Global Warming CONference in Copenhagen failed to reach agreement on anything other than the use of a fleet of petrol guzzling limousines to whisk the "delegates" from the airport to the conference hall.

There are two things particularly galling and hypocritical about the whole scam; firstly, why on God’s Green Earth does the worlds supply of eco dullards have to fly in for a conference about carbon emissions when their mere attendance is a major contributing factor in making the alleged problem worse?

Secondly, it was revealed at the CONference that the whole global warming issue was just a scam perpetrated by leading scientists who admitted that in fact there was no evidence of increased global warming caused by man made activity and that the planet had been heating up and cooling down for millions of years. In other words, at a conference about global warming, it was revealed that there was no global warming and it had been used as by countless number of governments as an excuse for tax rises and to force us all to buy environmentally friendly crap we don’t need.

Meanwhile back at the Met Office and BBC, the phrase Global Warming has been swiftly replaced by the more generic term of Climate Change that pretty much encompasses everything. We are now being lectured to the rafters about it being the result of "climate change" if it’s too hot, too cold, too windy or too dry. Of course it’s bloody climate change, we live in a country  with 4 seasons where the f*****g climate changes 4 times a year!

This is so stupid it’s not even funny. The Met Office muppets warn about snow in February and attribute this to "climate change" seemingly forgetting that one would expect snow in winter. Similarly, a rash of doom ridden prophecies about a melting hot summer in June are delivered with glee as if this would be a serious exception to the rule of expecting hot weather in summer.

It does make you wonder exactly what qualifications and years of intensive training you need to be able to predict the weather. The answer of course is none but the Met Office and BBC have to justify the 6 figure salaries paid to these spivs who parade on our TV screens for all of 5 mins, puffed up with self importance whilst they spout off the latest climate changing wheeze.