Edge not updating on Windows 7 with installer error 0xc06d007f

Tuesday 7 September 2021 @ 8:37 pm

I quite like Microsoft Edge. It’s not my current browser of choice but a damn site better than Chrome which I stopped using months ago.

Why? Because Edge seems to pretty much get it all right.

  • Clear everything on exit? Check
  • Confirm closing multiple browser tabs? Check
  • Support for a decent ad blocker? Check
  • Timely updates? Check
  • Fast with a UI that doesn’t get in the way? Check
  • Customisable? Check
  • Supports Windows 7? Check

And it’s on that last point that you might have noticed installer errors when trying to update Edge to the latest version 93.0.961.38. In my case, the damn installer refused to update Edge and kept returning an “installer error 0xc06d007f” whatever the fuck that means.

Downloading the offline installer had the same result; in all cases the files download fine but the actual installer can’t finish the install process and throws up an error that’s as useful as diet water. I even uninstalled / reinstalled Edge and went as far as checking if my version of Internet Explorer was up to date (it was).

Sure, there are lots of other browsers available but it’s good to have a backup just in case; anything to avoid using Internet Explorer.

Long story short, and after many hours of browsing useless articles on Microsoft’s own forums (is there such a thing as a useful reply from a Microsoft MVP?), the answer is that a couple of updates are required for maintaining Edge:

KB4474419 (SHA-2 code signing support update for Windows 7)
KB4490628 (Servicing Stack Update for Windows 7)

These are both needed and if you don’t have Windows Update running in the background (it’s crap), you can download them from the Windows Catalog and install offline.

After a restart, the Edge installer completes successfully and you never have to look at Internet Explorer again.