It’s the annual BA IT meltdown event

Friday 9 August 2019 @ 8:48 pm

Another day, another IT meltdown at British Airways causing problems for travellers all over the world. Nothing new, this is exactly what you get when you outsource jobs to India in the name of “cost cutting”; Cheap, incompetent, clueless, script-reading drones who can barely string a sentence together.

Still, this is to be expected when you have the likes of Alex Cruz in charge of BA. Cruz used to run budget Spanish airline Vueling and seems to think he can use the same approach with BA. No surprise then that since he took over British Airways, it’s become Bloody Awful. Cruz was told repeatedly that outsourcing the IT systems and relying on Indian “expertise” would lead to outages and system downtime but didn’t listen. The board should have sacked his useless behind long ago but as usual, all they care about is the share price, dividends and to hell with the customers.

And when Cruz finally does get the sack, it’ll be the usual merry-go-round of safe jobs for the boys where incompetant spivs like Cruz leave with a golden goodbye and are simply parachuted into the next cushy number with a golden hello. Welcome to Club World where every failure is rewarded.