Random Annoyances: TV Adverts

Let’s face facts folks; nobody likes adverts on TV. Especially when they are shoved into a broadcast at the stupidest possible moment.

There I was, comfortably watching and enjoying Rocky II, and you know the bit where Adrian is in hospital and she tells Rocky that she wants him to win? The moment she says that, the training montage music starts to chime and Mick yells “whatta we waiting for? Take this”. Cue Rocky doing one-arm press-ups against a nice sunset (or sunrise?) backdrop.

Only on crappy ITV, it doesn’t actually do that. Adrian says “Win” and we immediately cut to an ad break. No drama, no Mick, no hairs on the back of your neck standing up as the first chime of the training montage kicks in. Insetad, after 5 minutes of pointless drivel, it cuts back to Rock doing one arm press-ups. The film doesn’t even continue from where it left off FFS.

And that’s not all either. If it’s not commercial breaks at the stupidest possible moment, it’s the sheer number of them. Here in the UK, there are regulations about how often and how long commercial breaks can be but it’s still far too often and far too long.

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