British passports made in France? Sacré bleu!

It’s becoming increasingly clear that despite the majority vote to leave the despised, hated and corrupt EU, Mother Theresa has absolutely no intention of getting the best deal for the UK. Not only is she failing to protect UK interests but she’s also fast turning Britain into an international laughing stock, as if we needed any more reasons after 10 years of Labour’s open door no-questions-asked immigration policy and obsession with PC claptrap.

Take the recent decision about UK passports. Post Brexit, we’ll be ditching the crappy flaccid burgundy EU passports and going back to the hard-backed blue passports of old, the type that were stiffer than a starched stick of rock and could be used to bat away any insolent official who dared question you at immigration.

UK passports have always been made onshore by British company De La Rue which is what you’d expect. So why then has the Government inexplicably awarded the contract for the new passports to French company Gemalto? Reasons given are that under highly dubious EU rules, the contract has to be awarded to the most competitive bidder and that by doing so, value for the taxpayer is being realised.

Except that this is total bullshit. Neither France nor Germany allow their passports to be made by a foreign company. I mean who would? For such a sensitive and secure document, why would you want to outsource it to the cheapest bidder that’s not even domiciled in the country? This is just one example of many where the UK slavishly follows each and every EU law to the letter whilst other countries stick two fingers up and freely ignore the same rules without any penalty. EU fishing quotas anyone?

The blame lies squarely with Mother Theresa and the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, who has been over-promoted way beyond her very limited intellectual capabilities which can just about handle running a bath without spilling the water. Incompetent inept Amber Ruddy useless is another closet Remainer who has been brought into the cabinet to ruin the Brexit deal and she’s wasted no time in ensuring our borders remain open for a further two years whilst also offering lavish benefits to all and sundry + dog during that period.

Back to passports then, the clear choice is between an efficient, secure, UK workforce that has proven expertise and is trusted to not only produce passports but also banknotes for many other countries, or a crap French company that’s mired in inefficiency, le strikes and will stitch us over at the first opportune moment as well as being at the mercy of a myriad of European fraudsters.

The whole thing is a complete and utter fuck up designed to soften the stance of those who want a hard Brexit. And we have good reason for wanting a hard Brexit too because any EU deal always ends up with the UK getting screwed over due to the Government’s pandering to the shitburgers in Brussels.

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