Top Gear plumbs new depths

Monday 20 June 2016 @ 2:14 pm

Eddie Jordan playing the spoons, really? I mean REALLY? Could it BE more embarrassing?

Meanwhile, Chris Evans is marginally less annoying and Rory Reid still has nothing worthwhile to say when reviewing cars. Oh, and asking the guests to introduce each other by reading from the autocue is just plain daft.

Chris Evans not the worst presenter on Top Gear

Tuesday 14 June 2016 @ 10:56 am

Three episodes in and Top Gear has improved a little by Chris Evans taking more of a back seat although ratings have halved and barely scrape 2 mil (old Top Gear regularly managed more than 5 mil). The less he’s on-screen, the better. However, Evans is no longer the worst presenter on Top Gear, that dubious honour has been firmly taken by Rory Reid.

Rory had his first slot yesterday on the main Top Gear, having already presented the spinoff series (which I never bothered watching) and he’s terrible. He’s trying hard to be funny (he’s not), informative (he’s not) and down wit’ da kidz (he’s not).

The worst of it is the ridiculous Cockney cheeky chappie persona, all “geezer, innit” and lame ass jokes. If Evans is trying hard to be Clarkson v2, Reid is undoubtedly trying hard to be Hammond v2. The sooner Rory Reid completely disappears off Top Gear, nay TV completely, the better.

Meanwhile, it’s still Matt Le Blanc who’s holding it all together and the most comfortable. Give this guy a contract extension and pair him up with a better set of presenters if you want Top Gear to survive.

Useless Cameron wheels out even more useless Bottler Brown

Monday 13 June 2016 @ 10:55 pm

In a sign of panic amongst the deluded Project Fear camp, lying scamster Cameron has resorted to wheeling out former PM, and certified coward, Gordon “The Bottler” Brown to convince the waverers to remain in the despised, corrupt, rotten EU.

Brown as you will remember slunk into Portugal to sign the Lisbon Treat after all the other leaders fuckers had left. He didn’t have the balls to do it in front of them knowing the treaty was a bag complete of shite.

It’s laughable then that anyone would bother listening to Bottler Brown. This is the useless half-wit who flogged the UK’s gold reserves cheaply whilst the market was at its lowest point and then watched as prices quadrupled over the next decade. The thieving bastard who wrecked the worlds finest pension scheme by scrapping tax relief on pension dividends pushing millions into retirement poverty so he could waste it on pet projects. The financially illiterate imbecile who bankrupt Britain by spending what he didn’t have and throwing money to Labour voters as bribes. The lying shyster who promised a referendum on EU membership but then bottled it. The insolent jerk who called a lifelong Labour supporter a bigot when she asked a question about immigration. And the spineless goon who barged his way unelected into the PM hot seat after Tony BLiar resigned.

Never have we had such an incompetent, inexperienced, unqualified, useless, floundering, dull-witted, inadequate, unsuitable, inept, thoroughly despised PM as Brown, although Cameron and BLiar are both strong contenders. Frankly, anyone who listens to Brown needs their head examined, the man has absolutely nothing worthwhile to say about anything.

This is not the first time previous PM’s have campaigned for Project Fear, unsurprising when you consider that every single PM over the last 25 years has been a Europhile. John Major, the traitorous adulterous feeble wimp who signed the Masstricht Treaty, has been peddling his pro Euro shit on the media for weeks now whilst BLiar, who is so universally hated throughout the UK that he dare not show his arrogant mug in public, has popped up to lecture everyone about how wonderful the fucking EU is.

On the other hand though, wheeling out all these former wasters, including clunking duffer Brown, might further persuade people to vote leave so perhaps it’s not such a bad thing after all.