Stupid Londoners vote in odious creep as London Mayor

Wednesday 11 May 2016 @ 10:36 pm

The writing was on the wall but there was always a little glimmer of hope that odious creep Sadiq Khan would not get his greasy mitts on the Mayors office. Alas, it was not to be, brain dead Londoners have voted in this idiot, a former human rights lawyer (says it all really) who will waste no time in pushing a pro-immigrant, pro-EU, anti-business, anti-police, pro-union and pro-refugee agenda.

There is only one other Odious Creep lower than Sadiq Khan; corrupt Keith Vaz is tucked up in Leicester where he has spent the better part of the last 20 years greasing his fat pompous backside around Parliament for the benefit of no one except his own ego and bank balance.

Back to Khan though. Anyone who has seen this fool trying to debate will soon realise he’s an incompetent liberal half-wit who would much rather rub shoulders with extremists, radicals and terrorist sympathisers than ordinary Londoners. He has more faces than a clock factory and a long track record of taking the Old Bill to court on the most dubious of cases. Don’t expect anything to improve under Khan’s watch but do welcome the continued armies of illegal immigrants that he will be planning to ship in by the busload. After all, he’s a former human rights lawyer (i.e. never had a proper job or done an honest days work) and would just love for London, the Greatest City In The World, to stay under the jackboot of the EU.