Lefty liberals demand bogus child refugees are ferried to the UK

Saturday 30 April 2016 @ 10:43 am

Another day, another liberal Left sob story to bring more dodgy asylum seekers to Treasure Island Britain. This time it’s the turn of child refugees based in assorted camps including the one at Calais that was supposed to have been shut down several years back.

Isn’t it strange that the Left constantly preaches about how these poor children who are all alone, allegedly through no fault of their own, MUST be allowed entry to the UK without ever explaining just how the fuck they managed to cross the whole of Europe and end up in France, a safe country with more than enough facilities to help, completely unaccompanied and with, apparently, no money? And have you noticed how all these so called “children” are often big strapping lads who could pass for 21 never mind borderline 16? And just why must they be allowed in the UK when the rules state that the first port of entry is where any asylum application should be lodged?

No surprise then that once these “kids” manage to scurry into the UK, the rest of the family is not far behind. Yes folks, these youngsters suddenly have parents and distant relatives coming out of the woodwork who waste no time in being reunited with their beloved and cherished offspring that they were previously willing to traffick thousands of miles with nothing nore than a false story about fleeing war and a promise to join them once they struck gold.

David Cameron is right to oppose automatic sanctuary to such cases but don’t expect this to last. Dave the Cave is a notorious closet liberal and it’s only a matter of time before yet another one of his cast iron pledges rusts and falls apart like a cheap suit.