Random Annoyances: All-in-one laptop trackpads

If there’s one thing guaranteed to tempt me to throw a laptop out of a top floor window, rush downstairs, smash it to bits with a large axe, chuck the bits into a bin, burn the bin, sweep up the bin ashes and put them into a urn to be thrown out at sea, it’s all-in-one laptop trackpads.

You know the types; Dell and Lenovo are notorious for putting these stupid fuckin’ trackpads on laptops that have no separate left and right buttons meaning you have to press the whole pad to register a click. Not only is this more uncomfortable to use, the accuracy is terrible.

Take the Lenovo X240 for example. This steaming pile of craporama can never correctly register whether you have done a left click or a right click, even if you have clicked correctly in the right corners, simply because the whole pad is just one button. You end up having to keep clicking furiously until it registers the right one.

The result? I use an external wireless mouse because the all-in-one trackpad is about as useful as an Alsation in a cattery.


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