Turncoat Tories gather to screw electorate over despised EU

Scamming David Cameron, he of the weak chin, girl’s blouse and less balls than a eunuch on HRT, has absolutely zero chance of negotiating any kind of EU “deal” that is in the best interests of the UK. However, that has not stopped a cluster of Tory ministers, all former staunch EU sceptics, lining up to eagerly bend over so they can get one from behind from their EU bosses.

Take William Hague for example. The former Tory party leader fought a whole campaign on leaving the EU but since the two-faced shyster got comfy after a long stint in the Foreign Office, he solemnly declared that it’s in Britain’s best interests to remain in the fucking EU cesspit.

Then there is Home Secretary Theresa May who has said many a time previously that the EU rides roughshod over UK laws preventing us from deporting foreign criminals because of the fucking useless Human Rights crap brought in by EU stooge and war criminal Tony BLiar. Still, that hasn’t stopped May from smarming up to her boss, suddenly declaring her love for all things EU and that she is confident Cameron will get a “good deal” for the UK to remain in the fucking EU cesspit.

Useless foreign minister, and proven expenses cheat, Philip Hammond is another former Eurosceptic who has wasted no time in lavishly praising the EU now he has a vested and rotten interest in keeping the cushy job. How this over promoted toad managed to secure one of the great offices of state is a mystery given his intellectual capacity for the job barely rises above “assistant village idiot”.

Let’s not forget Shrek lookalike Sajid Javid either. He was widely recognised as a leading member of the anti-EU movement and said that the costs of the EU outweight the benefits of staying in. In other words, we hand over too much money to Brussels and in return get fuck-all benefit. Sounds about right for anything EU related. When it came to the crunch though, Javid showed just how yellow and gutless he really is by suddenly declaring that the EU is best for business after all.

Of course, Scameron has threatened to gag his Cabinet for daring to support an “EU out” vote but that just goes to show you what a lying, cheating, pathetic bunch of self-serving scum we have in Government who will anything to ensure we continue handing over billions to the Brussels fuckers instead of doing what they were elected to do and represent the views of their voters.

Expect a wave of propaganda and a rigged vote to ensure we never get a fair and democratic choice to leave the fucking EU cesspit.

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