Stupid Samsung ship AMOLED mobiles with crap themes

Most Samsung mobile phones have an AMOLED screen which is power efficient and offers fantastic black levels. However, when showing a white screen, AMOLED displays are more power hungry than normal LED displays. That’s why for years, the default theme for Samsung mobiles has always been something with a black background that, apart from being comfortable to view in all lighting, made the most of the AMOLED screen to maximise battery life.

With Android 4.4 KitKat and upwards though, Samsung have decided to change the default theme from a black background to a white background with no other alternative dark theme. Why has Samsung done this? Because they’re fucking stupid, that’s why.

What is the point of using a fantastic AMOLED display with a bunch of themes, none of which are optimised for that screen? There is no point of course and given that pretty much everyone is sick to the back teeth of Samsung’s endless tide of overpriced Galaxy mobiles with their fixed batteries, copious bloatware and non expandable memory, it makes you wonder what their next birdbrain decision will be to drive the punters away.


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