Queen celebrates being longest serving freeloader

Thursday 24 September 2015 @ 8:41 pm

God I hate the Royals. Set of useless, grasping, pointless, stuck-up, in-bred, money grabbing, dumb ass freeloaders the lot of ’em. Apart from the fact that they’re not even British, the House of Windsor is about as necessary as flip flops in the Arctic.

Still, that hasn’t stopped hordes of deluded peasants and Royalists, including wannabe London Mayor and Labour halfwit Sadiq Khan, queuing up to bow and scrape and fawn over someone who couldn’t care less if they all dropped dead as long as she keeps her wizened claws on the throne instead of being turfed out onto the streets to get a proper job which is infinitely more preferable than endless sponging off the tax payer.