Pathetic UK border welcomes all scum migrants

Roll up, roll up, you bunch of useless fucking grasping scum asylum seekers desperate to reach El Dorado, or the UK as it’s known to Brits, and the laughing stock of the World to everyone else.

Everyone is welcome, just assemble like cockroaches at the Calais Departure lounge where the lazy bastard French police will wave you through the Eurotunnel. Don’t forget to bring all your immigrant mates, three wives, twenty kids, Grandma I-Wan-House and Grandpappy Gimme-Benefit plus all assorted hangers-on and extended family.

As soon as you reach El Dorado, Plod will be be happy to pick you up and drive you to the nearest comfy hotel where good food, clean bedding and new clothes awaits you, courtesy of the mug grateful UK taxpayer.

All that remains then is for you to collect your benefit money to spend on cigs and take a few selfies with your fucking iPhone to post on your fucking Facebook. Don’t forget to smile and look smug and ensure that you tell everyone how wonderful the UK is and how you will never, ever, ever, EVER go back to whatever fucking rock you crawled under from.

The UK Government’s response? Sure, why not, the more the merrier. Hell, let’s welcome them with open arms and take out front page ads in the Asylum Seeker Times that free houses, benefits and health care are all available to all and sundry, no questions asked, no visa required and fuck any passport or border control.


2 Responses to Pathetic UK border welcomes all scum migrants

  1. ABC says:

    What happened mate? Why are you so angry?

    • Grumpy Bear says:

      Mate, look around you. What is there not to get angry at? Especially politicians fucking us over at every turn and getting away with it not to mention crap public services that are getting worse whilst we pay more in taxes. Rubbish airports, worse trains, feckin’ TV license shite and the mangy dog that is the NHS with billions poured into it to treat the Whole World for free whilst mug Britons have to wait 4 weeks to see a triage nurse instead of a GP. Meanwhile, the schools have gotten worse, everything costs more and the open door immigration policy means everyone is welcome here to bleed the benefits system dry. How come the spics in suits can rob a bank and get away with it but drive down a bus lane at the wrong time and you’re nicked on bloody CCTV before you’re home.

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