Irritating idiot Chris Evans grasps Top Gear role

Thursday 18 June 2015 @ 8:52 am

With Clarkson, Hammond and May refusing to return to Top Gear, the BBC has offered the top job to smug, self satisfied git Chris Evans who wasted no time in accepting despite categorically ruling himself out just a few months ago. That’s the end of Top Gear then.

I’ve no doubt Evans is a petrolhead and car fanatic but his boring car columns for the Sunday Mail are about as enjoyable as a 1970’s Lada Riva. Same for his Radio 2 show and pretty much everything else he has fronted.

The problem with Evans is that he is neither entertaining nor likeable and his cheeky chappie style of delivery is just plain irritating because he always comes across as a smirking idiot with an ego that has its own passport. He’s too far up his own backside and is endlessly boasting about his wonderful Ferrari collection. The few occasions he has been a guest on Top Gear are completely forgettable and you just know that the format will not be the same. Can you imagine Evans during one of the epic challenges such as driving across the Middle East in a convertible or the cross-country America road trip? No, me neither.

So in short, Top Gear with Chris Evans will be crap and God help us if the co-presenter is Jodie Kidd who serves no useful purpose other than ticking the inane BBC diversity checkbox.