Australia has the right idea – turn them back or let them drown

The tide of asylum seekers, bogus migrants and other assorted unwanted scum trying to cross the Mediterranean to enter Europe has hugely increased over the last few months leading to a mad scramble for self-righteous do-gooders, lefty liberal halfwits and clueless EU bureaucrats to help these bastards across.

The UK duly played its part in this sickening pointless charade and sent a Royal Navy ship to offer a first class taxi service to The Scum. I didn’t even know the UK had any ships left after spineless Cameron cut the defence budget to the bone in favour of ring fencing the useless fucking international aid budget for paying off corrupt regimes.

Here’s what I don’t get. Why is the Royal Navy plucking illegal immigrants from the Med and then escorting them onto Italy? By all means pick them up if you really must (better to leave them alone though – with any luck they’ll drown) but then take them back to Libya or Turkey or wherever they decided it was a smart idea to cross the sea in an overcrowded rickety old boat with a napkin for a sail. By offering passage to Europe along with food, shelter, clothes and as many sandwiches you can scoff, all that we are doing is encouraging this tide of miserable grasping chancers to ever more desperate acts in crossing the Med so they can eventually reach the Land of Milk and Honey. Eldorado. The pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow. Or the UK as it’s commonly known around the world to those looking for a soft touch Western Country that will provide a translated map to the benefits office along with free housing.

What’s even more of an embarrassment than having a Royal Navy masquerading as a glorified taxi service is to then hear the captain of the Royal Navy vessel crow about the “rescue mission” as if it was a key operation vital to the well being of the UK. Never mind that we barely have any ships to patrol the seas, the very last thing we should be doing is sending our meagre resources to assist in the bogus asylum seeking racket ensuring the UK is open to all and sundry.

As usual, Australia absolutely has the right idea on immigration. All migrant boats are turned back, absolutely nobody is allowed asylum if they happen to make it to shore and for those who end up drowning, tough, it was your choice so it’s your problem, don’t expect any safe passage or a free trip to the hospital.

Time for those in Europe and the UK to grow a pair and show a similar hard line approach but don’t hold your breathe. The liberal left elite have fewer balls than a Eunuch on HRT.

One Response to Australia has the right idea – turn them back or let them drown

  1. Buck says:

    Geddafi would have been helpful, but the Arab Spring was more important..

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