BlackBerry Link installation fails or hangs

So you’ve bought one of the fantastic new BlackBerry devices (the Passport or the Classic) and are ready to install BlackBerry Link. The only problem is that it won’t install and hangs or bombs out. BlackBerry Link includes the USB drivers and BlackBerry Blend (an absolutely brilliant and innovative software package) but unfortunately needs the crappy Dot Net framework v4. This bloated piece of shitware is mandatory for quite a few programs but Lord knows why as it serves no useful purpose and upon installation, will massively increase the boot time. On an SSD, I’ve seen Dot Net add another 4 seconds which in the SSD world is horrendous. Anyway, I digress.

If you haven’t already got Dot Net 4 installed, the BlackBerry Link software will download and install it for you and on Windows 7, this is where it tends to hang or fail. However, installing BlackBerry Link without any problems is actually very simple; all you need to do is install it with admin rights so just right click on the BlackBerry Link install file and choose “Run as administrator”.

Once Dot Net 4 has finished installing, it’ll carry on with the BlackBerry Link install where you can also select BlackBerry Blend too.

To summarise then; Dot Net 4? Utter crap. BlackBerry Link/Blend? Truly excellent.

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