UKIP triumph in Rochester

Well done UKIP. Fuck the other three out-of-touch parties who are hell bent on keeping us in the despised EU in a mission to blow our cash as fast as they can claim fraudulent MP expenses.

Take David Scameron; this bull-shitter made it clear that a referendum on staying in or out of the EU, for which he will be heavily campaigning to stay in, would not be forthcoming until 2017 at the earliest. Yet talk about gay marriage or some other total bollocks and Scameron can’t ram the legislation fast enough through Parliament.

Labour, led by the dimitted Ed Miliband, showed their true colours when pompous puffed up champagne socialist Emily Thornberry tweeted a sneering comment about a house in Rochestor adorned with England flags. Mister Ed promptly sacked her and embarrassed himself by declaring he “respects” White Van Man when it’s blatantly clear to all that Labour hates the working class, has no policies other than tax and spend and welcomes immigrants, asylum seekers and further EU integration with open arms. With Labour and its cabinet of millionaires who’ve never had a proper job, it’s always a case of “do as I say, not as I do”.

The leaves the pro Euro Lib Dumbs who managed less than 400 votes in Rochester and are about as relevant and necessary as a cat turning up for Crufts.

Let’s hope UKIP manage to cause more seismic rumblings in the political landscape, the sneering Westminster Elite have taken the electorate for granted for too long and it’s time they were booted out for good.


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