Useless England football team

Is anyone really surprised that England crashed out of the World Cup without winning a single game? The Premier League has created a bunch of overpaid, under worked lazy ass prima donnas who show neither commitment nor enthusiasm for the game and have about as much skill as an oaf threading a needle. And quite frankly, with all the money sloshing around the Premier League, there is zero incentive to nurture home grown talent. When the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City can buy cups through stuffing the teams with foreign players because there’s nobody good enough in Blighty, it’s no wonder that England has a woefully inadequate squad that would have difficulty finishing a dot-to-dot painting let alone scoring goals.

The lack of skill displayed by the England team was embarrassing and the difference between them and top flight teams is night and day. Having crashed out of the World Cup after successive defeats to Italy and Uruguay, it was left to Costa Rica to finish the job. And finish it they did, with England managing to salvage just a no-score draw after another lacklustre performance

Roll on the 2016 Euro championships when England can be humiliated again by fielding their very best third rate squad full of nobodies, pampered ego’s and scrappy youngsters who would have difficulty dribbling a beer.

Never mind Costa Rica, England can’t even beat Costa Coffee!


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