UKIP deservedly kicks the shit out of Tories, Labour and Lib Dumbs

With the Euro election results all confirmed, UKIP has swept the board and deservedly kicked the shit out of the other three parties by gaining the majority vote of MEP’s.

Well done Nigel Farage and fuck the rest of the mainstream parties who all look, sound and act exactly the same; arrogant career politicians with the self righteous stench of entitlement despite few of them ever having had a proper job outside the Westminster bubble.

Lying liberal loving pro-EU halfwit David Cameron reacted to the obliteration of Tory support by claiming “message received and understood”. This of course is complete bullshit. Deceitful David Cameron hasn’t received any message and still doesn’t “get it”. After lying to the electorate when he promised a cast-iron guarantee for holding an EU referendum and then promptly claiming, once he became PM, that the Lisbon Treaty meant it wasn’t necessary, nobody will trust scamming Cameron on his promise to hold an EU referendum if re-elected.

Whilst Double Dealing Dave was busy with stupid shit like pushing through gay marriage at the drop of a hat and continuing to waste billions on Foreign Aid, he claimed that an EU referendum will take several years. Shyeah, right you are Dave, we believe you about as much as that other broken promise of yours to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands.

What about the Lib Dumbs? Cameron’s partners in crime are headed up by the most arrogant, deceitful, mistrustful and obnoxious man in politics, Nick Clegg. This two faced Europhile took on Nigel Farage in a televised debate, promptly got owned and humiliated by Farage and arrogantly clung to the moronic belief that the best way to win an election was to continue playing the pro EU card. If he was anymore stupid, Clegg would need watering twice a day.

The Lib Dumbs had their vote wiped out resulting in just the 1 MEP seat in Brussels. Serves them bloody right and good riddance to liberal scum who would rather we all legalised drugs, sent fewer crims to prison and opened the UK’s borders to all and sundry. The sooner these political lightweights are consigned to the dustbin of history the better. Not that fuckwit Clegg will care, he already has a cushy job lined up in Brussels once he’s finally booted out of office and will waste no time clambering aboard the EU gravy train to fill his filthy boots.

That leaves Labour. Frankly, after the mess they made of the economy, of which gormless Red Ed was a key part along with the utterly incompetent Ed Balls (the clue is in the name), I’m surprised that they actually got any votes rather than having lost a ton of them.

The reason anyone will have voted Labour at all is down to just three reasons:

1. People are stupid. I mean really stupid. I’m talking thicker than a plank sandwich made with the ends of two thick sliced loaves. These are the same people who believe Gordon Brown saved the economy and Labour was not responsible for boom and bust. They are also the same people who believe that the Iraq war was justified and that Tony Blair is a war hero.

2. Institutionalised votes. Generations of families will blindly vote Labour regardless. You could put a red rosette on a circus monkey banging a tambourine whilst riding a unicycle and these people would still vote for it.

3. The idle feckless benefits brigade. Lazy bastard benefit scum who’ve grown fat leeching off the taxpayer under the stewardship of Blair and Brown and will do anything to vote them back in so they don’t have to give up the benefits gravy train.

Ed Miliband is another useless, incompetent, inane and utterly hopeless Labour politician. I guess that in a party where useless, incompetent, inane and hopeless are all mandatory requirements, it’s nothing to be surprised about. Just look at the likes of Harman, Burnham, Cooper and Blears, you couldn’t find a bunch of less able politicians if you went searching in a backwater banana republic.

As for UKIP, after all the media spin, smears and dirty trick politics that the other three parties tried in a desperate and vain attempt to avoid debating the real issues of the shitty Europe Union, lax immigration laws and open border policies, the electorate have deservedly given them a chance and told the other parties to feck off.

Now it’s time for UKIP to start proving their worth and delivering on their promises.


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