MobileBitz – experts in selling overpriced crap

If you’ve visited any of the main shopping malls across the UK, chances are that you’ve come across a shitty little kiosk selling mobile tat staffed by grunting imbeciles who barely speak English. Welcome to MobileBitz.

These purveyors of cheap, overpriced crap are experts in selling you poor quality cases, screen protectors, guards and all other manner of Chinese rejects and knockoffs for your beloved mobile. I don’t have a problem with that at all. If you want to pay £10 for a faux PU leather case that fits an iPhone as snugly as an iron maiden and costs about 50p to make in a Chinese sweatshop then go for it.

However, be advised that these cowboys are only interested in taking your money.

Want a refund? Feck you.

Shoddy quality so case no fit properly? Feck you.

Sold the wrong accessory because the imbecile barely speaks English? Feck you again.

What about my consumer rights? Hahaha, me feck you big time.

In short, they have a policy of no refunds and exchanges only allowed within 2 weeks of purchase if it falls within a full moon period. Which is handy if you are visiting another part of the country.

So if you are looking for quality mobile accessories do yourself a favour and avoid MobileBitz like the plague infested pit it is. You owe it yourself and that 500 quid mobile in your pocket for something far better.


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