Random Annoyances: Right-turn drivers who don’t indicate at junctions

Friday 7 March 2014 @ 11:14 pm

So you’re driving along and approach a junction with two lanes, one to go straight or turn left and the other to also go straight or turn right.

The left lane has a long queue because most drivers are muppets and there’s a just a few cars in the right hand lane, none of which are indicating to turn right. Naturally, you join the right hand lane to go straight because you have no time to waste sitting in a queue behind muppets who, lets face it, shouldn’t be allowed to sit in a car never mind drive the thing.

The traffic lights turn green and the fuckwit in the right lane ahead of you decides that now is the exact moment to indicate right thus preventing you from going straight. You’re now stuck behind the right turning car and have to edge into the left hand lane to continue your journey.

It’s enough that we have to cope with shitty bus lanes, jams, contraflows, road works, cyclists and useless council spivs hell bent on deliberately slowing down traffic without having to add right-turn imbeciles to the list.