Scum MP’s vote against ban on foreign criminals using human rights crap

Friday 31 January 2014 @ 11:25 pm

Yet another show of complete contempt and arrogance from the sewers of Westminster as MP’s voted overwhelmingly against a ban on foreign criminals using the despised human rights act to prevent deportation.

Any other sane country in the world would put the crims on the first plane back to whichever ghetto they came from and to hell with their fuckin’ human rights. What about the rights of honest, law abiding citizens?

Tory MP Dominic Raab tabled the amendment to ban foreign crims from using human rights rubbish to avoid deportation from the UK but it was defeated by 241 votes to 97, the latter number comprising largely Tory MP’s who defied liberal loving fool and useless pro-Euro PM, David Cameron after he ordered his gang of cronies to abstain from the vote.

No surprises then that the 241 was largely made up of Labour and Liberal Democrap MP’s who have long declared an offical manifesto policy that foreign criminals, asylum seekers, bogus immigrants, gangsters, beggars, gippo’s, druggies, rapists and paedophiles are to be welcomed with open arms, an assortment of exciting tax payer funded benefits and a bump up the queue to a free house.

Just remember that the next time you vote and see the same old parties festering on the ballot paper.