IPSA wants to award 11% pay rise for thieving MP’s

So much for the end of Parliamentary sleaze. Clueless brainless pompous incompetent out-of-touch chairman of IPSA, Sir Ian Kennedy, has insisted that thieving shithead MP’s be awarded an 11% pay rise to take their salary to £74k. Dishonourable members of all parties have mostly said that they won’t accept any pay rise but it beggars belief that a rise is being considered in the first place, let alone an astronomical amount of 11%. Nobody else in the public or private sector is enjoying anything approaching a pay increase, certainly not anything in double figures and with real wages frozen for God knows how many years now, this smacks of pure arrogance.

Fuck any pay rise for MP’s, all these bent bastards in the House of Conmen should be given an 11% pay cut along with no expenses, no gold plated index linked pension, no golden hello’s or goodbyes and a cut in numbers from 650 to less than 400.

But of course, nothing will happen because these despicable corrupt and rotten graspers are too busy enjoying the taxpayer funded expenses swill. Back to the trough everyone, stick your snouts in and fill up, there’s plenty to go round and of course, the mug electorate are paying for it all.


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