Farewell to The Office

Sunday 6 October 2013 @ 1:06 pm

Big fan of the US version of The Office and have just finished watching all nine seasons. The show fares surprisingly well after Steve Carell leaves with the whole Dwight, Jim and Pam relationship fleshed out and developed further proving that it could survive even after the departure of Michael Scott. It was inevitable though that with such a magnificent comedy performance from Steve Carell, it would only be a matter of time before it draws to a natural end.

The last season was a hit and miss affair, a bit long on drama and short on the absurd that The Office is known for but there were still flashes of sublime comedy; really loved the whole Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager and the cameo by Steve Carell in the final episode has only a few lines but every single one hits the bulls-eye.

However, after having watched every single episode, I still can’t stand the character of Phyllis. Apart from being totally implausible as a salesperson, she’s too irritating and comes across as a cunning and conniving old crone. Erin is marginally less annoying but the whole enthusiastic but dim shtick was wears thin very quickly.

As for favourites, the newcomer Clark put in some really great performances as the sarcastic junior whilst Meredith in particular has lots of funny moments, not least when it’s the result of Dwight’s well intentioned but ill thought out plans (remember the episode where they catch a bat?). It kinda makes you wonder; just how much fun would it be to work in that kind of environment, even if it’s something as mundane as selling paper?

Predictably, the very last episode goes for the emotional sentimental angle but still manages to neatly tie up all the character arcs with a satisfying conclusion and leaves you wanting more, always the hallmark of a great, great series.