New iPhone, same old muppets queuing like iDiots

Friday 20 September 2013 @ 6:32 pm

With the new iPhone out today, and I use the term new in the loosest sense, the same motley crew of brain dead sheep across the world have been queuing cult like to get their grasping mitts on one so they can boast about the “accomplishment”. First in line at the Regent Street store was 17 year old muppet Noah Green who has been there for four days and refused to give up his first place in the queue when offered £5k. The deluded fool apparently said he “would have considered it for £10k”.

Fair enough if you’re queuing to get one and sell it on for a healthy profit, there are plenty of gullible fools who are not quite stupid enough to stand in line for one but will happily pay a couple of grand for an iPhone on launch day. And another thing; why do the queues always comprise a refugee column of assorted illegal asylum seekers who all look as though they can’t speak a word of English and have just come from the benefits office? Seriously, looking at the hoards of people, you wouldn’t think they’d spend 7 quid on a phone let alone 700 notes.

Pompous Cameron humiliated over Syria action

Sunday 1 September 2013 @ 10:33 pm

Don’t believe the press; the gas attack in Syria was orchestrated and carried out by the Saudi backed rebels. Just look at who would benefit from such a vile act and it’s clear that this horrific and blatant piece of propaganda was executed for the sole purpose of turning opinion against the Syrian government.

Assad is not about to gas his own people, especially with weapons inspectors in the country and the likely response from the West. Consider also that Russia has already stated that the attack originated from a rebel stronghold. You can always count on the Bedouin Wahabi bastards of Saudi to poke their nose into everyone else’s business, whether it’s arming bearded Brotherhood mullah’s in Egypt, smuggling weapons across to a ragtag band of backward country hick mercenaries in Syria or flooding corrupt Pakistan with madrassas to brainwash the next generation of suicide bombers.

A gas attack provides the perfect excuse for the US and the Terrorist State Of Israel to launch missile strikes against Assad who Saudi have always plotted to get rid of. And make no mistake, all talks of viable and plausible evidence that it was the Syrian government who launched the gas attack stinks of a stitch-up similar to the one used to get rid of Saddam.

Meanwhile, it was left to our own pathetic Prime Minister to emulate his great Hero Tony B.Liar and start cheerleading with Obama for air strikes before trying to shove a bill through Parliament that was roundly rejected. Not only was dickhead Cameron thoroughly and quite rightly humiliated with the world watching closely but he also seems to have forgotten that it’s his own rotten coalition government that has systematically destroyed our armed forces through savage budgets cuts whilst squandering money on foreign aid. Never mind the UK’s air strike capability, we don’t even have a fuckin’ aircraft carrier capable of launching a fleet of paper aeroplanes let alone missiles.

And apart from that, why should the UK be dragged into a war that has absolutely nothing to do with us and which the British people have no desire to be involved in? As always with scamming Cameron the marketer, this is has nothing to do with protecting UK interests and everything to do with posturing on the world stage in front of other leaders to try and make out he’s a big man in order to secure a few extra tours on the lucrative merry-go-round lecture circuit. Again, just like his great hero Tony B.Liar.

The humiliation was complete when the Americans turned against Cameron and told him that they don’t need British support so he can sod off for all they care. This just proves that the UK always has and always will be the US’ willing biatch, something the electorate have known for a long time but which successive governments constantly ignore. There is no special relationship between the US and UK and most Brits couldn’t give a flying fuck if there was one, far better we do our own thing than forever pandering to the Americans who delight in using us as a soiled tissue when it best suits them and then shafting us at each and every opportunity otherwise.

As a result, the US is now cosying up to the cheese eating surrender monkeys and proudly declaring France as new best mate and oldest ally. If it wasn’t enough for the Prime Minister to be bitch slapped by the US over comments that they would go ahead with strikes anyway, the fact that Obama is now in bed with Hollande is a double embarrassment for spineless goon Cameroon.