Useless hippy eco-activists protest against fracking

With the Government giving the go-ahead for shale gas exploratory drilling, groups of idiot hippies, including waste-of-space Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, have chained and glued themselves together at various sites across the UK in protest.

Here’s what I don’t get; why are the police wasting time trying to free them? Just let the useless smelly layabouts stay glued and chained together, after a few days of no food, water and soiling themselves, they’ll soon get the message.

And another thing, just how do interfering do-gooders such as Caroline Lucas expect the UK’s energy needs to be met? If she thinks that solar power or those stupid frackin’ wind farms that conk out if there’s too much wind or too little wind will suffice, she’s even more deluded than the tree huggy hippies who want us all living like Victorian peasants.


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