Random Annoyances: People who stick meetings in your calendar when they can see you’re unavailable

Thursday 4 July 2013 @ 9:39 pm

Working in any office inevitably means having to face the odd random annoyance such as pointless meetings, crap PC’s, horrendous commutes, the office bore, unreliable photocopiers, backstabbing colleagues taking credit for your hard work, slimy middle managers who only speak buzzword, extortionate vending machines, clueless senior execs, sub-standard latrines, PowerPoint presentations, personal objectives, self important HR monkeys who think their job actually means anything, useless Indian contractors, all salesmen, the bloke who never showers, team-building off-sites, vendor conference calls, pen pushing beancounters, dreary premises and an expectation that you will get the beverages in, to name but a few.

However, the one I “don’t get” is the stupid fuckin’ idiot who shoves an appointment into your diary when said individual can clearly see from your Outlook that you’re out of the office, busy or have expressly told them you can’t make it or have no interest in attending. Why on earth would they then still go ahead and stick in a meeting knowing full well that it’ll be declined quicker than you can say sod off?

And whilst I’m on a rant, what about all those spivs who think their meeting is so important, the invitees must comprise World + Dog? You turn up to a piddling meeting about something suitably inane like the Auxiliary Review Committee for Petty Office Cash Expenditure and find that the venue seats 200 and there’s standing room only. For fucks sake, what’s wrong with these people?

Finally, there’s a particular group of people for whom email is not a communicative tool but a mechanism by which to exploit their stupidity. I’m talking about the dumb asses who reply all to emails sent to a distribution list with the missive “please remove me from this distribution list”. Of course, it didn’t occur to them not to hit reply all and you are *guaranteed* that the first bunch of messages will be closely followed by a bunch of other dicks replying all with “me too”. Give it about another 30 minutes at which point everyone’s inbox has been spammed by half the bloody company before expecting the obligatory “do not reply all” message sent to, yep you’ve guessed it, everyone on the distribution list.

Seriously, if people were any more stupid, they’d need watering twice a day.