BlackBerry shares plunge 29% on $84 million loss

Friday 28 June 2013 @ 10:32 pm

Looks like the new OS10 has changed nothing for BlackBerry and the Canadian firm continues to rack up huge losses. It’s not hard to see why either, the new OS is rubbish. BlackBerry used to be the phone for the discerning professional, a proper messaging tool for grown ups that did everything quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

With the advent of touchscreens phone however, BlackBerry decided to chuck away everything that made the platform so good and replace it with a dreadful gesture based swipe heavy OS that’s about as intuitive as a Japanese game show. In a cack handed attempt to attract a few more punters with social media friendly “features”, BlackBerry seemed to have forgotten that people buy BlackBerry’s because they are BlackBerry’s and excel at messaging, not because they want to check their shitty Facebook with a touch screen mobile.

And let’s not forget the hardware which is overpriced and has ditched the proper hardware call and end buttons together with the ultra useful optical trackpad. Incredibly, the new handsets still omit basics like a proper FM radio. Oh, and you still can’t silence the shutter noise which just comes across as plain arrogance.

Quite frankly, other than proper push email, which you have to pay for anyway, there’s absolutely no compelling reason to buy a new OS10 handset. And that’s sad for a company which used to make by far the best business oriented mobiles.