Gormless Cameron offers weapons to Syrian rebels

Monday 17 June 2013 @ 10:26 pm

With the conflict in Syria showing no signs of resolution, gormless Prime Minster David Cameron has argued the case for arming the bloodthirsty rebel fighters with arms.

Apart from the fact that the rebels are a bunch of fanatical, rabid, inhumane, extremist, backward country hick savages with strong links to the Wahabi nutcases in Saudi who are sponsoring their effort, idiot Cameron doesn’t seem to realise that Syria has nothing to do with the UK and even if it does, he has already decimated our armed forces in favour of throwing money at the EU, welcoming asylum seekers with a bounty of benefits and refusing to curtail the Department for Pointless Frippery otherwise known as the Department for International Development.

Putin quite rightly slapped down Cameron by warning the Eton Toff that the rebels are carrying out acts of atrocity far worse and in excess of anything that President Bashir is doing. And I don’t believe for one moment that there is compelling evidence of chemical weapons being used against the rebels. This all sounds horribly familiar to the trumped up dossier of lies that Tony BLiar peddled as a precursor to invading Iraq.

With both the US (who else?) and their loyal lapdog the UK willing to arm these so called rebels, and Russia and China ranged on the other side with President Assad, the Syrian conflict has wider repercussions but that’s still no excuse for the UK to go meddling into foreign affairs that don’t concern us. What annoys me the most though is how spineless wimp Cameron dare not stand up the bloated and corrupt EU yet can’t wait to meddle in Syria in a vain attempt to appear a Big Man on the world stage much like his hero Tony Blair. The whole thing stinks but then again, what do you expect from a gormless Prime Minister who, exactly like BLiar, has absolutely no intention or past precedent of serving the country in the interests of the electorate.