New Microsoft Xbox One drives away the gamers

With the announcement of the new Xbox One, greedy bastards Microsoft have, at a single stroke, driven away hordes of gamers through the new creepy, snooping, always-on offering, complete with shitty Kinnect that monitors and listens to everything you do even when switched off. And if that wasn’t enough to drive you away, the declaration that everything is DRM enabled, kept in the useless “cloud” with connectivity required at least once every 24 hours for activation, meaning no second hand games market unless you pay Microsoft, along with the obscene price tag of £430 and Microsoft giving all your data to the NSA will ensue this lame ass big ugly box of total bullshit will be dead before it’s even been launched.

Never mind the fact it also looks hideous and seemingly has transformed into some all-singing, all-dancing entertainment bag ‘o shite that just happens to play games, by monitoring everything you do via Kinnect, Microsoft will soon be bombarding you with adverts, commercials, “premium” services and other bollocks when all you want to do is sit down and play games offline with your mates. Only you can’t do that either because Xbox insists the console has to be connected online at least once every 24 hours to work.

That conveniently ties in with the intrusion of having an always-on Xbox camera pointing at you 24/7, recording everything you say and watching everything you do. Try turning the sensor away and the Xbox One shuts off. And don’t let Microsoft try to persuade you otherwise, the recent NSA scandal has revealed that Microsoft have long been in cahoots with the NSA willingly handing over data and working on spying technology.

So, if you want a big black ugly Big Brother device watching your every move and reporting it back to the US government, or you’re after a console where the hardware manufacturer decides what you can and can’t do with your games, and you’re happy to fork out £430 for the privilege, then please join the queue marked “Gullible Ignorant Fool”. The rest of us will be standing in line to buy a PS4 or Wii U.

Nice one Microsoft, another fuck-up to add to the collection.


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