Random Annoyances: Piping Hot Food

Monday 15 October 2012 @ 10:36 pm

What exactly is the point of piping hot food? It doesn’t matter whether it’s home cooked, reheated or a restaurant dish, when I’m hungry, the first thing I want to do is eat food and not sit there looking at it steaming away.

Sure, it eliminates salmonella poisoning and there’s nothing like taking a deep sniff to get the juices flowing before diving in but really, why do some people insist of serving food so roasting hot that it burns your tongue? I think the two worst culprits are cheese and potato dishes; freshly cooked or straight from the oven, both are deceptively cool on the service. Bite into one however, and prepare to loose the skin at the top of your mouth. I’m looking at you Mr Greggs-Cheese-And-Onion-Pasty!

The ideal scenario is to cook food thoroughly until it’s piping hot and then go make a salad or set the table. By the time the cutlery is primed and the tomatoes chopped, the food should be at the perfect temperature; hot enough to enjoy yet cool enough to eat.