Rubbish new iPhone 5 offers nothing new

So, the new iPhone 5 then. Thinner, lighter, marginally quicker and … er … um … well it has a half inch bigger screen to keep the lemming-like Apple fanbois drooling over this new overpriced Apple tat.

Now I’m no fan of Android which seems to be in a perpetual cycle of slow, buggy, beta releases and I think the first iPhone was genuinely innovative. However, this .1 incremental handset from Apple just goes to show how quickly they’ve run out of ideas and how big the threat from Android now is. There is absolutely nothing offered by the iPhone 5 that makes it a compelling purchase or even a useful one, especially when there are plenty of cheaper and just as good alternatives available. As for upgrades, apart from a bit of tinkering with iOS 6 that offers a few pointless camera options, it’s all pretty much the same as previous models. And iOS 6 will be available for older iPhones so why bother upgrading just for the new software?

That won’t stop the Apple automatons though from queuing up to get their hands on one but neither will the iPhone 5 halt the march of Android. A wasted opportunity then by Apple who seem to have spent the budget on fighting Samsung in court instead of offering a genuinely different value proposition.


4 Responses to Rubbish new iPhone 5 offers nothing new

  1. Callum says:

    Totally agree, it was seriously disappointing, the screen was also nothing “Big” nor impressive, maybe they could have thrown in a 12.0 Megapixel camera making it some what worthy of purchase. But nope, just some over rated crystal glassed lenses.

  2. iPhone 5
    It’s longer, thinner, lighter, faster and improved camera.
    Back in the days iPhone was so amazing and now, its just what Apple fanboys want. I was kind of an Apple fanboy but when I looked through Android, I was in shock. I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I was so amazed how android was. It has hundreds of features that iOS doesn’t have and the UI is beautiful.

    • Grumpy Bear says:

      There are longer, thinner, lighter and faster phones than the iPhone 5 and plenty with a better camera too. The point is that there’s nothing innovative about the iPhone 5 and thus no compelling reason to buy one.

      Apple knows this and also know they can rely on the hoardes of brainwashed sheeple zealots who simply can’t accept there being better handsets.

  3. Cameron says:

    Your just paying for the brand, apart from that your being ripped off.

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