iDiot journalist has account hacked after putting faith in The Cloud

Tuesday 7 August 2012 @ 12:47 pm

If ever there was a reason to never use cloud computing cack, and there are plenty, the story of Mat Honan would surely be top of the list.

Mat had his entire digital life destroyed when hackers gained access to his Apple account. Of course, Mat being a slavish sheep follower of the Cult of Apple had his iPad, iPhone and Mac all connected and merrily uploading content to iCloud. That meant once hackers got access to Mat’s Apple ID, they were able to remotely lock his iPhone and wipe content from all his devices, including both his Mac and iPad, none of which he’d had bothered to back up.

The Wired journalist went on to bleat he’s “upset that this ecosystem that I’ve placed so much of my trust in has let me down so thoroughly.” Well no Mat, nobody told you to place your trust in such a stupid concept as “The Cloud” where you have no control over how your content is used or how it is accessed and by whom. If you hadn’t been an iDiot and blindly entrusted all your precious pictures to “The Cloud” and instead kept everything locally where you have full ownership of all your digital assets, then you wouldn’t have lost it all now would you?

However, blame must also be placed on Apple and Amazon who allowed a security lapse to exploit a flaw in the system for gaining access to personal information. Procedures have been tightened up at both companies as a result but it doesn’t change the fundamental issue that using any form of cloud computing rubbish where your content ends up “somewhere” is just asking for trouble.