Apple vs. Samsung legal battle kicks off with Hilarious Understatement Of The Year

The Farcical Legal Event Of The Year has kicked off today with Apple claiming billions in damages from Samsung. Hilariously, Apple designer and Chief Hippie, Chris Stringer, claimed it was plain to see that Apple had been ripped off, conveniently ignoring the fact that Apple having been ripping off their sheep … sorry, customers, for years with overpriced “lifestyle” products.

What’s even funnier is that Apple is desperately trying to claim a monopoly on rectangular shapes with rounded corners. Now I’m no Apple basher, I actually think they make very nice usable kit that’s just stupidly overpriced and lapped up by iDiots too ignorant to contemplate there being better alternatives. For what it’s worth, I think the iPhone 4GS is still one of the best mobiles available if you can live with the rubbish battery life. Equally though, I think the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a real stunner and a match for the iPhone in every way, including the same rubbish battery life.

However, I reckon Apple are stir fry crazy if they think they can patent a shape. And their Legal Counsel claiming that Steve Jobs betted the whole company on the iPhone is laughably inaccurate given they were flogging plenty of iPods and Macs before then. Never mind the fact that Samsung have been selling phones since the early 90’s and that loads of mobiles before the iPhone had a “rectangular touchscreen with rounded corners”, it seems Apple has nothing better to do than whine and bitch about the competition that actually benefits the punters.

If Apple wins, chances are that the Android market will change for the worse. If Samsung wins, Apple’s outrageously overpriced products will become even more expensive because of the payout. In other words, this stupid legal battle serves no useful purpose and whoever wins, we, the consumers, all lose.


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