Pointless fashion industry is vacuous, superficial and completely unecessary

Is there a more pointless, vacuous, superficial and completely unecessary “industry” than fashion? I don’t think so but that doesn’t stop it being a billion pound business for selling nothing more than pipe dreams and overpriced tat to gullible fools with more money than sense.

Flicking through GQ and Cosmo recently, the first 12 pages were just full page ads for the likes of Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren and a bunch of other half-baked silly-ass fashion houses. Page after page of airbrushed models in ridiculous poses stared out with the same vacant glazed look slapped all over their Chevy Chase whilst wearing what could only be described as clothes you wouldn’t want to be buried in let alone seen wearing in public.

I can’t believe anyone with even a cluster of braincells would look at those ads and think “oh wow, that full length mousy brown trenchcoat with the vertical peephole slits down the side and a tartan collar with matching cuffs looks great, I gotta get me some of that for 900 quid”. Only simpletons, fools, gullible rich bastards and anyone stupid enough to employ the services of a “stylist” are going to be even remotely influenced by what they see in the pages of a glossy magazine and sadly, that’s already far too many people in this celebrity obsessed world we live in where labels and 15 minutes of fame is considered an achievement.

And let’s not forget the models themselves, especially the “look”; stick-thin women with weird facial expressions considered “fresh”, no curves and ribs you could play like a xylophone don’t do it for me and neither do those supposedly “beautiful” ones who are wearing so much make-up that it looks like it’s been plastered on with a butter knife. You should see them without all the slap applied, I see far sexier women on my daily commute to the office.

Speaking of which, models get paid millions to be a clothes horse and nothing else, hardly a hard days honest work or a job that’s remotely difficult. Models contribute precisely zero benefits to the modern world and offer nothing of value that’s actual worth anything. Too hung up about their looks and surrounded by a sycophantic bunch of hangers-on, most models I’ve met are so empty-headed, glassy-eyed, dim-witted and full of themselves that it’s not so much a question of “where’s your personality?” as it is, “can you spell personality?”

8 Responses to Pointless fashion industry is vacuous, superficial and completely unecessary

  1. Gary Ash says:

    Just you and me then.. I’ve always believed that the fashion industry exists for itself and no other reason. The ‘trickle down’ effect that we will be wearing todays catwalk fashions 2 years from now? Give me a break/

    As for models, send them all down the mines to do an honest days work.

  2. Jake says:

    You tell it like it is. Who invented this word “fashion industry” anyway? It’s a business. There is only the textile industry.

    I pity all businesses (=busy-ness = bunch of cold asocial fucktards who are always busy on how to make more profit). All they do is fuck up everyone’s brain (especially the young) so they can sell their product to you (you must be stupid before you buy a stupid product). Marketing is their twin brother.

    The model business in particular fucks up your brain on what is beautiful. Sooner or later you will no longer be able to distinguish the difference. Designers have so called authority on what is sexy, stylish, authentic, cute, pretty and beautiful. Anything to do with looks. And because we (the human species) are so obsessed with authority and can’t think for ourselves, we will therefore value the opinions of these self-proclaimed designer experts over what our senses and natural intuition tell us. So we now live in a world where the “fashion industry” (stupid word) decides what looks good in our place. Whereas in the past we weren’t allowed to think for ourselves, now it’s gone a step further. We aren’t allowed to ‘sense’ for ourselves now either, or we may hurt the fashion expert’s feelings… FUCK YOU is all I can say to that.

    Can you believe young girls nowadays dream of becoming a model? WTFF!! They dream of becoming a puppet, a lifeless doll. Is that all you can imagine? It’s similar to a naive young man aspiring to become an obedient killing machine, a dog of the military.

  3. Alphonso says:

    I have just read a book about the Gucci’s, and couldn’t agree with you more…What an avaricious and thoroughly unpleasant family they were and no doubt still are, lol…
    …but it’s the vacuous women of the world with too much time on their hands and too much money who keep these shysters in business…

  4. sardonic snake says:

    completely agree, I’d rather get my dick gnawed off by a pack of hungry rats than get into a relationship with an air head fashionista or model. It’s the cold dead eyes, that or the complete fantasy they live in, peaches and cream – they fucking need a dose of reality.

  5. alexmorleyfinch says:

    Sir… I like you

  6. Siddharth Pande says:

    This post requires to be boosted.. It should be read by more people so that they understand how blind they have become due to fashion.
    I had to specifically search for articles written against fashion to find this blog.
    It’s funny how a Google search for most other topics like fashion would give you both positive and negative articles in the search, but when you google fashion, you only get articles stating how important and brill fashion is. It’s sad but true..

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