Microsoft unveils the next pointless release of Office

Wednesday 18 July 2012 @ 4:32 pm

With Windows 8 being primed for an October launch, Microsoft has now unveiled the latest version of their bloated Office suite, complete with rubbish touchscreen functionality, social media integration and with the same counter-intuitive ribbon interface from Office 2007 intact.

Microsoft seems to be turning into some kind of confused geriatric these days, what with their stupid Windows Phone 8 debacle, the wholesale switch to the despised touchscreen Metro interface and now this latest nonsense. Bullying blustering butthead Steve Ballmer, the man responsible for the travesty that is Windows Vista, has done his very best to run the company to the ground and almost succeeded.

Feedback on Office 2013 has been wholly negative with users pointing out the hideous new blocky interface, caps lock menus and the shitty touch-enabled welcome screen that seems to think it can create your entire document with just one click. And then there’s the pointless online integration that will have corporate System Admin’s around the world battening down the hatches to the Internet. Business users are not remotely interested in social media or storing their confidential documents to some cloud computing cack yet Microsoft seems to think otherwise.

Sure, the Microsoft lickspittles will bleat on about one unified interface across a myriad of devices for a seamless experience but the fact is that corporate users are the cash cows and massively outnumber the home users. There are few new features in Office 2013 and most users will be content with just 20% of the functionality that has been present from back in the days of Office 97. Plus, there’s no way that companies are going to buy into the whole cloud computing bollocks when you consider the importance of security, something Microsoft is notoriously lax with.

I actually like Microsoft products but I think they’ve been losing their way since His Billness left and the company was given over to that idiot Ballmer. Since he’s been in charge, not one innovative or genuinely exciting product has emerged from Redmond

So in short then, a new version of Office 2013 that nobody needs, that’s bigger, more bloated, harder to use, stuffed full of online integration and complete with a crap touchscreen interface to please the 4 people out there who will actually use it on a tablet device.

Nice one Microsoft, another f**k-up to add to the collection.