DC is no match for Marvel

Tuesday 17 July 2012 @ 5:23 pm

Now I’m no comic book fan, however, browsing through my DVD collection earlier today, it struck me that most of the best comic book characters and movies are almost entirely from the Marvel universe. With the exception of the Tim Burton and Chris Nolan Batman flicks, the Superman collection (yes, even Superman 4) and the superb Watchmen, the rest of the DC Comics movies are pretty bad. However, I think this is more a reflection on the crap collection of superheroes from the DC Comics stable.

I mean really, looking at who DC Comics have to offer it’s not hard to see why, they’re all rubbish characters with yawn-inducing “super powers” if they can even be called that. The likes of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Captain Marvel, Swamp Thing and The Green Lantern who was recently and wholly unnecessarily outed as gay to corrupt our kids further, aren’t worth anything more than even a derisory mention.

Now look at the magnificent roster of Marvel Comics superheroes:

The Hulk (my favourite)
Iron Man
Captain America
The Fantastic Four
Ghost Rider

Hell, even 20% of the main players in the X-Men universe are more interesting than the entire feeble collection of DC Comics stocking fillers put together.

As for the shitty “Justice League of America”, don’t make me laugh. A motley crew of two icons whom DC Comics have been trading on for the last 70 odds years accompanied by a bunch of fourth rate idiots who you wouldn’t pick for a third division school football team let alone saving the planet.

If you want any more reason as to why Marvel Comics are infinitely better, go see The Avengers.