Nokia slashes price of flagship Lumia 900 by 50%

Monday 16 July 2012 @ 8:10 pm

Just a few weeks after launch, Nokia has slashed the price of its flagship Lumia 900 by 50%. This follows an announcement last month to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide and the downgrading of Nokia to junk status by the three main credit rating agencies.

On the whole I like Nokia handsets, despite their best efforts to drive me away, and reckon that Microsoft is largely to blame for Nokia’s further downwards spiral. The Lumia range of handsets are beautifully made with the premium models carrying a lightweight one-piece polycarbonate shell, curved glass screen and a superb Carl Zeiss lens camera.

The software however is a piece of cack as I remarked in a previous post. Windows Phone 7 is too gimmicky, too tightly integrated with the whole social media circus and offers precisely zero incentive for the serious business user.

Even worse, Microsoft has severely cribbed handsets carrying Windows Phone 7 by not allowing any of them to run the upcoming Windows Phone 8, effectively rendering all Windows Phone 7 handsets obsolete. That Microsoft would do this just weeks after the flagship Lumia 900 launched just goes to show how little they regard Nokia, their alleged “strategic” partner, and also the poor mug consumer who once again has been suckered into buying a platform that Redmond has no intention of supporting. Indeed, Microsoft have now openly declared that Windows Phone 8 will be rebuilt from scratch which begs the question then, why the f**k did you dump the solid and reliable Windows Mobile and replace it with the Windows Phone 7 shit knowing full well it would be obsolete within 18 months?

The answer of course is that Microsoft is desperate to play catch up with Android that has the lion’s share of the market followed by iOS. BlackBerry is sinking fast whilst Symbian has been dumped by Nokia when their ex-Microsoft chief Stephen Elop tied his lickspittle and the fortunes of the company to the mast of his former employer. The whole thing stinks of a stitch up with Nokia caught in the middle, something that this illustrious company with its long and distinguished mobile history does not deserve.

Whilst the Android market is crowded, Nokia could do a lot worse than launch a premium handset carrying their own UI which is something they’ve always excelled at designing. Like it or not, the Symbian smartphone platform laid the foundations for what see today and even the Nokia S40 series is as close as you’ll get to smartphone functionality from a feature phone.

After disastrously hitching themselves to the Windows Phone bandwagon, thanks to clueless Stephen Elop, Nokia’s position hasn’t gotten any better and they need to take action otherwise they’ll be finished for good and end up being a mere niche player.